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Anna Karenina Essay, Research Paper Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy TimEnglish 10May 7, 1999 Introduction Leo Nicolaevich Tolstoy was the fourth out of five children to a wealth Russian family. He was a child who loved attention and would do things out of the ordinary to get that attention. He was quite self conscience. This attribute continued all of his life. In 1844, He attended the University of Kazan. He enjoyed the social life much more than school, but his appearance as a poor person caused him much embarrassment throughout all of college. Before the end of his second year, he left college and went to live at Yasnaya Polyana, his inherited land. He soon became fed up with the peasants, and moved to Moscow. Here, he followed the life of a normal young man of his class.

Here, he began to study life and form his creative mind. His first book was published shortly after moving to Moscow. It was entitled, Childhood. He joined the military in 1852, but soon wished to be back in society. After his time in the military, he wrote a series of sketches entitled, Sevastopol. This made him a national known writer. He began to travel abroad in 1856. This is the time that he started his fundamentalist ideology, and even started a school at Yasnaya Polyana under this philosophy. His new aim brought him to searching for a family. He married Sonya Andreyevna Bers. After their marriage, he began War and Peace and Anna Karenina. He soon entered a time of despair. This came to a point were he found Christ, and interpreted the gospel his own way. He believed that

all of society was corrupted. He divided up his land, dressed in homespun clothes, ate vegetables, gave up liquor and tobacco, engaged in manual work, and learned to make his own shoes. His family disapproved of his ideas, and they gradually grew apart. Body Part 11-5 Three days ago, Prince Stephan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky was found to have had an affair with their former French governess. Dolly Oblonsky won+t live in the same house with Sephan anymore. +Stiva+ thinks that Dolly is being ridiculous. Dolly is a good mother, and takes care of the house well, she is worn out and not good looking anymore. Today, Stiva learns that his sister, Ann Karenina will arrive tomorrow. Maybe she will put things back in place. Before Stiva leaves, he goes to his wife+s room and tries to comfort

her. He ends up weeping in sympathy for her. This makes her even more mad. She seeks his love, not his pity. 6-11 Stiva is the president of a government board in Moscow. Alexy, his brother, is in the same department in the ministry. Alexy holds one of the most prominent positions. Stiva was idle in school, but is great at his job. One morning, Levin, a friend, shows up. Levin also loves Kitty, Dolly+s sister. Levin has come to ask Kitty to marry him. Levin is staying with Sergey Koznyshev. Sergey heard that Nicolai had returned to Moscow, and he received a hostile note from him. When he goes to the skating rink, he can think of nobody but her. He casually admits he likes her, and she immediately skates to her mother. Her mother is mean to him, but kitty is kind. Stiva and Levin

then go to dinner. Stiva is very comfortable in a formal environment, while Levin is not. Stiva guesses Levin+s reason for coming to Moscow, and wonders if he knows that Vronsky loves Kitty as well. Levin does not like this. Stiva then tells Levin his problems, and Levin cannot understand why Stiva would leave his wife for another. 12-15 Kitty is actually now in the story. She is eighteen years old, and is spending her first winter on her own and already has two serious suitor. Her parent argue over who should marry their daughter. Her mother states that it was much easier when she was young when women did not demand their rights. Now, parent do not know when to step, and when to let their child go. Her father wants Levin to marry her, but her mother wishes for Vronsky. Even