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Ann Hutchinson Essay, Research Paper Anne Hutchinson was born in July of 1591 and baptized July 20, 1591.Her mother Bridget Marbury the second wife of Francis Marbury and daughter of John Dryden. Her father was Francis Marbury and a spirited English Devin that was known for his puritan leanings and more than once received the censure of the established church. Frances Marbury had been locked up for three uncomfortable long periods of time. Rebellion against the status quo as he single-mindedly campaigned to raise the standards of preaching in the church. He repeatedly demanded rigorous training and improved education must be required for the clergy. He also insisted that the church must provide for the ordination of many more ministers to ensure a rector for every parish

church. Francis Marbary had three daughters of who only Susan born in 1585 wold survive him. Elizabeth his first child born in 1581 would live to the age of twenty in 1601. Mary was born was born in 1583 and was buried at Alford on Dec 29,1585. Some time around 1587 is when he married Anne?s mother, Bridget Dyrden. Before the arrival of Anne her mother had given birth to Mary in 1588 and in 1590 to John who was never mentioned again in either family presumably because he died at a very early age. Baby Anne turned out to be Francis? most attentive audience in all of Alford. Anne had just turned fourteen when she was uprooted from sleepy little Alford the only home she had ever known. Alford was a country market town of several hundred hardy souls. She and her family headed south

to London in 1605. For Anne life would never again be the same. First of all she was now set off from most of her compatriots who never left home and spent their whole lives seeing no more that two hundred other people. Then, she was now a resident in one of the great cities of the western world. For the first time in her life she could now see and taste exotic imports such as almonds, apricots, figs, lemons, olives, oranges, and peaches. There were also plants such as lilies from America, roses from Holland, and marigolds from France. At the very beginning of 1611 Anne not yet twenty saw her whole world collapse around her. Her father died at the age of fifty-five. Then, on Sept 19,1611 just seven months after the death of he father the Marbury?s buried the youngest nine year

old Daniel just a year after her fathers? death. Anne finally said yes to the man she had known since childhood. William Hutchinson, a wealthy sheep farmer and textile merchant from her hometown Alford. The ceremony took place at St Mary Woolnoth on Aug 9, 1612 when Anne was only a month over twenty-one. Anne had only a short time following her wedding to become accustomed to her new role as a keeper of her own menage. Amid all of her responsibilities she had to prepare herself for still another turning point in her life. Anne was pregnant with her first of fifteen children a short nine months after she had married. Edward was born and baptized on May 28,1613. There was much about the birth process and her own body that was unexplainable and beyond her control that she heavily

relied on piety and prayer. This was to protect newborn and save herself. Pregnant every fifteen to twenty-three months Anne rejected the church dogma that women by the very act of giving birth were adding to the sin quotient of the world. Married for three years she had given birth to Edward now two years old; Susanna baptized Sept 4,1614 and was pregnant with Richard who would be baptized Dec 8,1615. She refused to believe the very act of giving childbirth, were adding to the sin quotient of the world. Well Trained during her London years, she was a rarity in the small community. She was an intelligent experienced skillful midwife and nurse. Working beside her mother in the cosmopolitan capital, Anne had learned to compound herbal ointments, salves, and medicines, seeing for