Anitgone Essay Research Paper Sometimes people make

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Anitgone Essay, Research Paper Sometimes people make decisions with the best intent but the outcome is less that perfect. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Creon plans went astray because of a flaw. In Antigone Creon, stubborn leader, orders that Polyneices will not be buried because of his dishonor towards Thebes. Furthermore, if anyone is caught burying him they will be killed for disobeying his order. Antigone does not want to let her brother be left without a proper burial. Creon, ruler makes the mistake of miss using his power, as in the saying Power Corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Of course Antigone buries him, and Creon uses the power and sentences her to be killed, Instead she is exiled. Creon is an extremist in reason. He thinks his laws are the most

important. Creon, ruler, king, most powerful of Thebes, is ready to rule his people. When Prince Eteocles and Prince Polyneices battle it out and both die, Creon states his rules. These are my principles, at any rate, and that is why I have made the following decisions concerning the sons of Oedipus (scene1, line 25-26). But his brother Polyneices, who broke his exile to come back with fire and sword against his native city and he shrines of his fathers gods, whose one idea was to spill the blood of his blood and sell his own people into slavery Polyneices, I say, is to have no burial: no man is to touch him or say the least prayer for him; he shall lie on the plain, unburied; and the birds and the scavenging dogs can do with him whatever they like (scene 1, line 29-33).

Antigone, of course buries her brother, Polyneices and Creon finds out. In the long run Antigone is exiled from her city and away from her love Haimon, Creons son. Creon s flaw that hurt him the most was his stubbornness. Antigone was his niece and Creon won t back down on his punishment. His stubbornness made him more and more power-hungry. This power-hungry feeling made him a reckless king, and he had no time to open his eyes and realize what he has done wrong. He never once listens to anyone, but instead he acts foolishly and hurts everyone. When he is talking to his son Haimon, he states Haimon is a fool and that he is, taken in by a women! So now, Antigone is exiled and his son Haimon hates Creon. Eventually Teiresias a blind prophet opens Creons eyes and lets him realize

his mistakes. As a result Creon tries to make things better and goes to get Antigone back. He gets to the area where she was staying and finds Haimon with her, but Antigone was now dead, she has killed herself. Haimon frustrated strikes back and swings a sword at Creon, he misses, and then takes his life. He abused his power to a point in which he is now corrupt. To complete the rage, Eurydice finds out about her sons death and she takes her own life. Now Creon must live his life without his wife and son. This life that Creon now lives is a good one for him. He will no be able to voice he own opinion. Know one will be in his way. Hence, Creon s mistakes, flaws, and errors led his plans astray. Whatever my hands haved touched has come to nothing. Fate has brought all my pride to a

thought of dust. This quote finishes off the essay. He now realizes whats wrong, but can t do anything about it. Now he must live with his mistakes and figure out what to do.