Animals Rights Essay Research Paper Human beings

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Animals Rights Essay, Research Paper Human beings and wild animal encounters often result in the death of either the human or animal. Controversy amongst people has been established over this issue and support for animals rights has been developed. The people who sustain animal rights are called animal activists, and they disagree with cruelty and death of animals regardless of the circumstances. If an animal attacks a human, the act of killing the creature should not be permitted. Animals were here long before humans inhabited the land, so people invaded the animals terrain. Once in the wilderness, a person needs to be cautious of his or her behavior because they are on the animals turf. Blending into the environment is the best chance of reducing the risk of being attacked

by an animal. To help blend into the environment, emotions should not be revealed. Animals can detect human emotion, so if an individual feels afraid the animal can easily react to the emotion. If the animal responds to the fear, it will view the person as inferior and attack. The backwoods, where these animals roam, is isolated from the world that humans know. It is not a wise decision to bring anything that might attract the animals attention. Extravagant food is one example. It could entice wild animals curiosity and appetite. An animal has a tremendous appetite, thus it will be likely to bother the person for the food. The wilderness is an animals sanctuary, so it should be treated with respect. A human should relate to the animals desire for their home to be treated properly

because humans feel the same. If the respect is displayed, the animals should leave well enough alone. If cautious behavior and respect are established, the danger of an attack is reduced and death is less likely to occur. There are several alternatives to killing an animal such as using tranquilizers. Tranquilizers are an excellent substitution for killing the animal. While an animal is assaulting a person, the companion of the person can use a tranquilizer gun instead of an actual gun. This will prevent the animal from being slaughtered or wounding the human. It may still harm the animal, but it salvages both lives. The scuffle between animal and human is unfair even though the animal may have great strength and size; humans have the unfair advantage of technology and superior

intelligence. By having this benefit, the humans advantage can overwhelm the animal. For instance, a camper is walking by the creek and a bear launches itself at the camper and begins attacking the camper. Then the camper s companion shoots the bear and instantly kills it. The fight was unjust because the gun fought the conflict not the actual person. The injustice of the fight may place guilt upon the human for their wrongdoing. A tranquilizer would show the sympathetic feelings of the human by allowing the animal to live. Tranquilizers are a superb choice over other weapons because they will improve the continued existence of wild animals. Protection of oneself or family is a natural instinct amongst all living creatures including humans. Logically, a person ought to relate to

an animal s decision to attack someone because of intimidation. For example, a stranger walks towards a little girl and offers her candy; a parent would immediately come to their child s rescue. This also applies to an animal. If a strange person approaches an animals child, it would protect its child by attacking the person. An individual is a hypocrite by killing the animal because they would react the same put in similar conditions. Self-defense is a basic impulse when being threatened, the drive to defend is automatic, hence recapping that each creature has some connection. This connection between human and animal is described as survival. Survival is a demonstration of the natural instinct, which all creatures possess. The instinctive parallel between human and animal