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Animal Rights Essay, Research Paper Animal Rights Do you think a rat should have the right to go up to your table and eat with you? No, of course not. We are higher up in the world. This is what animal right activists are fighting for. They say give animals the rights they deserve. The truth is if we give animals rights, we will be putting them on the same level as the human race. I know that I do not want to be on the same level as a rat. Animals should not have rights! The use of animals in medical research is necessary in developing safe and effective medicines for treating human diseases. Genetics has allowed the creation of better, more precise mouse models for many serious human conditions, including cancer, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. This speeds up

research and ensures that trials in humans of promising treatments can begin sooner. Research using animals is the means, not the end, and most scientists are eager to see the animal phase of their work, because it means that they can move on to work with people (Brink). If animal activists have their way, we would not be able to use animals for research. Animal research is a very important step in finding treatments, and cures for both humans and animals. Animal research helps scientists find cures for such illnesses as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer?s, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis (Americans for Medical Progress). Both Jonas Salk, and Albert Sabin said if it was not for the use of animals in their research, they would have never been able to develop a vaccine for

polio (Franklin par.32). Animal activists are always in a hurry to wear their red or pink ribbons to let people know that they?re in the fight against cancer, when in reality all they are doing is stopping or slowing down the cure for aids by protesting animal research. They believe that if they wear enough ribbons and hope a lot, a cure will just come out of nowhere. It is going to take a lot of research on both people and animals to find a cure (Brink). Animal activists have done more harm than they have done good. By trying to set a couple of animals free, animal activists have hurt more people by stopping studies on affects of stroke, and they say animal researchers are the inhuman ones. Animal right activists are the ones who are hurting people (Saunders par.11-14). Animal

right activists think they have the right to go around and destroy things just because they think it is wrong. In one case they caused $500,000 worth of damage to a lab (Wells par.12). Between the years 1979 and 1993 animal right activists have caused over 300 break-ins. During these break-ins, they caused over 32 years in set backs for research (Brink). In other cases, animal right activists call and harass scientist. Most of the time, the scientists are so scared they can not concentrate on their work (White par.4-6). Animal right activists are saying that they are helping the animals by going around and setting them free. This is not true in most cases, because the animals used in research are animals that were raised for research, and do not know how to take care of

themselves. When animal right activists set them free as they call it, all they are doing is killing the animals in a slow death by starvation. In one case animal right activists broke into a mink farm outside of Mount Angel, and set free over 10,000 minks. To do this, the activists had to cut through a wire fence, spray a watch dog with pepper-spray, and disarm an alarm. Most of these minks were babies and once they lost their mothers they could not survive. A lot of adults died as well because they did not know how to care for themselves out in the wild. There were about 2,000 baby minks killed, and about 400 of 1,600 adult minks killed (Gorman). I do not see how this is giving animals rights. It looks like animal right activists are just giving them the right to die a slow