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friends or at least friendly. It was at the point when the tribe decided to choose a leader that he became the uncivilized and evil Jack. On page 23, the book says that, ?Jake and Ralph smiled at each other with a shy liking.? This came just after Ralph decided that Jack would be in charge of the choir, whom would all be the hunters. Through the boys hunting they became less human and began to turn into their animal selves. Jack was the worst of all at this. He would get down on all fours and sniff the ground and wallow in the dirt. Another thing he did was he painted his face. This was a symbol of him losing his identity, and become an animal without passion, thoughts, or even a soul. When Roger killed Piggy he was not a child. He was not a man. He was an animal. He didn?t have

the capability to think or reason. When he killed Piggy, Roger was operating on pure survival instincts. He was like a wolf or a bear. In the end Golding proves that at our base we are just wild animals driven to evil by our instincts.