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Animal Farm: Power Essay, Research Paper Power is sometimes used as good, and is sometimes used in corrupt ways. Animal Farm shows many examples of power being used for wrong. This novel by George Orwell uses the pigs, whom represent Important people from the Russian revolution. Some of these examples are Snowball who represents Leon Trotsky, Napoleon who represents Joseph Stalin, and Squealer who represents the Propaganda department on Lenin s government. One way the pigs are corrupt are that they use their superior knowledge to take advantage of the other animals. they do this by changing the commandments to fit their personal needs, and by using Squealer to change all of their wrong doings so that they seem right. Another example of the pigs corruption of power is when

they begin to adopt the ways of the humans that visit the farm. The pigs do this by drinking alcohol, walking on their hind legs, and saying four legs good, two legs better . Even though some people use power for corrupt reasons, power can be used for good. One modern day example of power being used for good is Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs. Sammy is a superstar right fielder, especially known for hitting home runs. Sammy was born, and currently resides in the Dominican Republic. When he s not hitting home runs, chances are he s devoting his time and money to helping the less fortunate, or those whose homes were destroyed in a hurricane. One way Sammy uses his power for good, is being an all around positive role model. He owns an organization called The Sammy Sosa Foundation,

which works to support children throughout the United states, and the Dominican Republic. He also devotes much of his time to the Wryler Children s hospital P.I.P program in Chicago. Sammy s devotion to children is one way he uses his power for good. Another way Sammy Sosa uses his power for good is by helping out the less fortunate in his former home of the Dominican Republic. During the 1998 baseball season, Sammy donated forty computers, for every home run he hit, to schools in the Dominican republic. At the end of the year, that was over 2,400 computers. Sammy also set up many programs to update medical facilities, schools, and economic resources, and devoted much of his time by helping out. One of sammy s biggest donations to the Dominican Republic was after many homes,

crops, businesses, and schools were destroyed by a hurricane. Sammy set up the Sammy Sosa relief fund, which helped the hurricane victims receive food, and rebuild schools. The pigs in animal farm showed poor use of power by letting the other animals down, and changed the rules to benefit themselves. Sammy Sosa does just the opposite and uses his power and money to benefit and help others, who are less fortunate.