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other animals quiet. The sheep are not very intelligent and do whatever is asked, as long as it is simple enough. They represent the followers of the working class. The animals have been spreading the news of the revolution to the neighboring farms, Pinchfield and Foxwood. Mr. Frederick of Pichfield is an easygoing gentleman farmer, and Mr. Pilkington of Foxwoood is a tough shrewd man. When the farmers realize that Animal Farm is prospering, they decide to team up along with Mr. Jones and take action. This resulted in major battles of the revolution, The Battle of the Cowshed, and The Battle of the Windmill, both in which the farmers were defeated. Mr. Pilkington of Foxwood represents England, and Mr. Frederick of Pinchfield represents Germany. The Battle of the Cowshed

represents the invasion of the new Soviet Russia by the West, and the Battle of the Windmill represents the German invasion of Russia during World War II. After the windmill was destroyed in The Battle of the Windmill, there were numerous attempts to rebuild it. This corresponds to Stalin’s Five-Year Plans, which is the name of each of the series of programs adopted by the former USSR for the development of the national economy and cultural life of the country. It is after the exile of Snowball when Napoleon starts to lead a dictatorship. He abolishes “Beasts of England”, which signifies the end of the Revolution because Napoleon knew things weren’t going to get much better for anyone but himself. The starting point of the Revolution was originally based on the cruelty of

man, and how animals should never adopt their ways, but towards the end, it seems as though Napoleon has taken on the position of Mr. Jones, or Stalin had taken on the position of Nicholas II. This was gradually foreshadowed throughout the story by Squealer, or the propagandist, who secretly changed the commandments of Animalism to fit the exceptions of the pigs. It is proven that the animals are no better off with Napoleon than they were with Mr. Jones when the onlookers of the farmhouse party cannot distinguish the difference between the pigs and the humans. Although this story was written based on The Russian Revolution, it also shows how any Revolution can corrupt. Lord Action: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”; this is the main theme of Animal Farm,

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