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animals just remembered wrong. To make along story short the windmill took 2 years to build, and after it was built the humans came to take over the farm and destroyed what they had worked so hard for. The animals were able to regain control of the farm, so the first thing they did was work to rebuild the windmill. After the windmill was built the pigs had become friends with the humans one night while the animals were having a meeting in the farm. They heard a noise in the house and went to see what was going on and that is when they realized the pigs were friends with the humans. After they had watched was going on for a moment they started to walk away, then they heard arguing and went back to see what was going on. When they reached the window and saw everyone fighting the

animals could no longer tell who were the pigs and who were the humans. The authors style of this novel was satire because when he wrote this novel he was saying what modern day society was going to be like. He was comparing modern day society to the animals. The conflict of this novel was Man vs. Nature because the main plot of this story was for the animals to take over the farm. The message that he was trying to get across in this story was that most humans are more followers rather than leaders. For example all Napolean had to do was get up in front of the animals and make a speech about why something needs to be done and the animals would listen. Napolean never had to do anything and he was more a coward than a leader, but because he could make good and convincing speeches

in front of the animals they followed what he said. At the end of the story when the animals could not tell who was human and who was pig, the author was trying to say that most humans are followers because he is comparing the animals to modern day society and at the beginning of the book all animals were equal and that was the purpose of trying to take over the farm because the humans always acted as if they were better. When by the end of the story the pigs ended up acting exactly like what they started off being against. I personally like this novel because it was very inspiring. It showed me that if you want something bad enough you will work for it. It also showed that it is better to be a leader more than a follower and to make your own decisions and to be your own person.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone else and hope that they get out of it what I got out of it.