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Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper Jimbo Johnson July 8, 2001 Animal Farm English 4 Animal Farm The title of the book I read is called “ Animal Farm” and was written by George Orwell. George Orwell was an english author and a social critc. Orwell served as a member of the Imperial police in Burma, and later fought in the Spanish Civil War. These experiences lead him to write the book “ Animal Farm, ” one of his most famous novels. Some of the main characters in this book Mr. Jones who at the beginning of this book was head of the manor farm, which later became the animal farm. The animals of this book were more the main characters than anything else. Old Major, a white boar, died shortly after the story got started, but he was the inspiration of all the animals to take

over the farm. The head of the operation to take over the farm were the pigs because they were the brains of it all. The names of the pigs were Napolean and Snowball, and a few baby pigs who were learning so eventually they could take over and be the brains of the operation. There were two cart-horses, Boxer and Clover, who were the ones who stayed loyal and did their part to pitch in and help to take the farm. Then there was Muriel, the white goat, and Benjamin, the donkey. Benjamin was the oldest animal on the farm with the worst temper, but still did his part to help out. The plot of this book was for all the animals at the manor farm to take over the farm. Several nights a week the animals would have secret meetings after Mr. Jones was asleep, planning their rebellion.

Finally the animals had enough, they decided they had been starved and mistreated for to long. One of the cows broke into the shed with her horn and all the animals began to help themselves into the bins. When Mr. Jones and his workers realized what was happening they grabbed their whips and started lashing out in all directions. Before anyone knew it the rebellion had started, the hungry animals had had enough. Jones and his men had suddenly found themselves being butted and kicked from all sides. The animals had won, they had taken over the farm. From that time on they worked very hard to keep up the farm and keep the humans out. Napolean and Snowball the brains of the operation never could seem to agree or compromise on anything. Snowball could say one thing and Napolean would

want the exact opposite or vice versa. The pigs got books and learned to read and to write and soon started to try to teach the other animals. After the rebellion the pigs reduced the principles of animalism to seven commandments which were inscribed on the wall. Among the animals were some pigeons who were the animals outside source of information. One day the pigeons informed the animals that Mr. Jones was on his way to try to regain control of his farm and the animals who were already prepared got in their places. When Mr. Jones came to try to take over the farm, the animals rebelled against him and Mr. Jones had lost again. After Jones was gone the animals proceeded to work very hard on the farm. Some of the female dogs on the farm gave birth to some baby pups. Napolean took

these dogs and none of the animals were sure what happened to them, until one day when in front of the animals Snowball and Napolean were arguing about whether a windmill should be built or not. Napolean opposed and Snowball wanted it, most of the animals sided with Snowball which angered Napolean so he made this horrible sound and out of no where came the dogs Napolean had raised. The dogs chased Snowball out of the yard and he was ordered never to return to the farm again. Later on after Snowball was forgotten about Napolean held a meeting saying there was going to be a windmill built, this confused the animals because they remembered Napolean being against this. Squealer, one of the baby pigs who was now grown, convinced the animals that Napolean wanted it all along the