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tribe, by telling them that he and his hunters would hunt it. In Animal Farm Napoleon didn t like Snowball and sent his dogs to kill Snowball. It was never said in the story whether Snowball died or not. In Lord of the Flies Jack decided to start his own tribe and when Ralph went to get Piggy s specs, that Jack had stole, Jack stabs Ralph, but Ralph survives. In Animal Farm the pigs become humans by the end. They start to wear clothes, sleep in beds, and drink alcohol. When they invite humans to the farm and play card with them, the rest of the animals saw everyone though a window. The animals couldn t tell whether the pigs were pigs or humans. In Lord of the Flies most of the boys become savages. They start to wear paint, steal from each other, and kill each other. Both stories

were criticizing a historical philosophy. Animal Farm was written to criticize Marxism and Russian Revolution led by Stalin. Marx said the working class had to overthrow the ruling class in order to have a better life. That was exactly what happened in the Russian Revolution. It did not provide the working class with a better life. Stalin took over and he became the ruling class. George Orwell shows in Animal Farm that Marx was wrong. He believes if a revolution took place, then someone else would take control. For example in Animal Farm the pigs took over. Lord of the Flies was written to criticize Rosseau s philosophy. He said that society causes a person to be evil and he believed that if a child was separated from the society and given freedom, then that child would be truly

happy and the evil would no longer be exist. William Golding demonstrates in Lord of the Flies that Rosseau is wrong. He believes that evil is in an individual and it has nothing to do with society. He shows in the story that evil comes from an individual and not from the society by putting the little boys on an island. After a while the boys turn on each other and there is corruption. Both stories have leaders and a caste system. Both has a hopeful beginning and has a disastrous ending. The pigs killed animals and so did the boys. They both had enemies. In the end one leader turns and kills on the other. The pigs become humans and the little boys become savages. The two stories were also criticizing someone s philosophy. In Animal Farm the characters of lower class worked,

whereas in Lord of the Flies characters of higher class worked. The animals had insufficient food, unlike the boys who had an abundance of food. Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies have many similarities, but only a couple of little differences.