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quickly adjust to these leadership changes and immediately accept Napoleon as the farm’s head. The animals also seem to forget Snowball’s important part in leading the Rebellion and his concern for their welfare. Napoleon’s concern for the supremacy of pigs becomes apparent quickly. He orders all the better foods, apples and milk, to be reserved for the pigs only (Orwell, 71). Eventually he requires all "lower animals" to clear the path when a pig walks by them. These changes come in a subtle way and are peppered with reminders of how awful life was when humans were in charge. These threats cause the farm animals to barely notice how different their farm is from Old Major’s dream. Suddenly, Napoleon makes an announcement. He has decided to build a windmill. He

also declares that Snowball’s original plans for the windmill were stolen from Napoleon himself. All the animals are eager to begin the windmill, which will generate electricity to the barn. Soon after the work on the windmill begins, all the animals, with the exception of the pigs, are ordered to work on Sundays. This is the first time the farm animals notice that they are getting no more rest than when Mr. Jones controlled them. This surprise, however, is soon overshadowed with the excitement of the windmill. Slowly, Napoleon becomes more distant, and one day moves into the sacred farmhouse to live. A few animals remember on the Seven Commandments reading, "No animal shall sleep in a bed", but when they read the actual rules they read, "No animal shall sleep in

a bed with sheets" (Orwell, 79). From here, changes on the farm occur more rapidly. Napoleon takes the baby pigs born on the farm to live alone with him so that he can instruct them constantly. He also begins to only communicate with the "lower animals" through his attendant, Squealer. Eventually the windmill is finished and named the Napoleon Mill. The mill is not used for electricity as promised, but rather for grinding corn to sell to humans. Food rations are slowly decreased for all the animals except for the pigs. The animals grow older and many forget the old Manor Farm. Hard work becomes the only memories the farm possesses. The two old horses on the farm catch Squealer altering the Seven Commandments (Orwell, 116). This instance is not forgotten, but not

discussed publicly either. The older animals are forced to see that their lives on Animal Farm are worse than they were with human leadership. Finally, Napoleon makes an appearance walking on two legs and wearing one of Mr. Jones’ old suits. He officially changes one of the main beliefs of Animal Farm from "Four legs good, two legs bad" to "Four legs good, two legs better". The inevitable occurs, the farm makes serious human contact. Napoleon invites many local farmers to Animal Farm for a tour and dinner. Napoleon greets his guests walking naturally on his two hind legs and carrying a whip. As the gentlemen gather to eat, the older farm animals gather outside the farmhouse window and peer inside. Napoleon loudly announces that the Animal Farm is being

renamed Manor Farm. The animals watch in shock as slowly their leader’s face is transformed into that of a human (Orwell, 138,139). This book clearly is anti-utopian, or following the understanding that nothing works out exactly as it is planned and nothing in this world is perfect. Old Major has a wonderful dream, but it was impossible to fulfill. In the end the situation was worse than it was before anyone cared.