Animal Farm Chapter Xi Essay Research Paper

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Animal Farm Chapter Xi Essay, Research Paper CHAPTER XI A YEAR PASSED. The seasons came & went, the short animal lives fled by. A time when no one remembered the old days before the rebellion, except Clover, Benjamin, Moses the raven and a number of pigs. One day in early summer, the animals woke to the sound of a loud explosion from the Truman Farm. Which, in the past Napoleon, had forbid the animals to have any contact with. The animals ran out to see what had happened, there was a big black cloud looming above the farmhouse, it was on fire, the animals were all wondering what had happened. Napoleon appeared, raising his trotter for silence, he said ” we have been woken an hour early, with all this commotion we will have no chance of more rest, so we will start

working now. “I will get dressed then I will go to the Truman Farm to determine what has happened”. The animals were scared, Napoleon and Squealer had always cautioned them about the Truman Farm, and they did not know why they were not to go there, they just knew they shouldn’t, but the reason couldn’t be too serious because the farm had only been built about a year ago. Clover said “What is happening Benjamin, what is that smoke? And what is Napoleon going to do? No one has ever ventured to the Truman Farm before.” Benjamin replied, “that is a Great Fire Clover, the animals will not be safe there. Fortunately, we have not had the anguish of a Great Fire in our life times’. Squealer once told us Great Fires travel to farms where the animals do not do enough work,

they kill everything that gets in their way, and they wreck the crops and barns as well. There was a Great Fire right here at the Manor Farm about two years before I was born. And as for Napoleon, he is the leader he does what he wants, when he wants”. Squealer ordered the animals to work straight away. Napoleon returned wearing a suit, a top hat and carrying a cane. He was so fat he could scarcely walk. He walked out of the Manor Farm gate, slowly making his way to the Truman Farm. It was only two hundred metres down the road, but it took Napoleon ten minutes to get there, after all pigs aren’t quite familiarized to bipedal walking. On arrival, Napoleon inspected the blazing buildings from the gate; he decided it was too risky to enter through the front gate, so he trekked

to the side gate. As he was entering something caught his eye. It was the farmer rounding up the animals, shooting his gun at the ground next to them. He finally got most of the animals into a small fenced in area, then he ran to the hose and tried to control the fire. He was not doing much good though. Napoleon approached the farmer, “you should wet the ground and crops around the barn, and the fire will then burn out”. The farmer looked around he was stunned, “you’re?you’re a pig”, yes, Napoleon replied. “But your wearing clothes, and your walking, and, and, and talking”, Napoleon reminded the farmer about the fire; quick wet the ground before the fire spreads. The farmer did as Napoleon said. When the fire finally burnt out the farmer proceeded towards

Napoleon. “Where are you from?”, Napoleon explained that he was from down the road, at the Manor Farm and also about what had happened with Mr. Jones. “I am now the owner of the farm, the other animals abide by my rules and work the crops. I teach the younger pigs and do all the farms paper work. The farmer was astonished, he had never seen a pig walk, let alone speak with such intelligence. Napoleon asked if he could see the animals, the farmer took him towards the fenced in area, where the scared animals were waiting. Napoleon talked to the animals, and to the farmer’s disbelief his animals talked back. Napoleon noticed one pig in particular who was extremely intellectual. The farmer invited Napoleon inside for coffee; they talked for hours about the revolution. He