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Animal Farm 5 Essay, Research Paper Animal Farm The novel, Animal Farm , tells a story of communism as well as a fairy tale. Farmer Jones owns the farm, which he named Manor Farm. One evening, Old Major, the leader of the animals called for a special meeting. Old Major is a boar and is known as the brains of the pack. As he is giving his speech about a revolution, he is shot and killed by Farmer Jones. After this grievous event, the animals decide to act upon Old Major s words and start a revolution. The animals come up with a plan to take over the farm. They drive out all humans and take control over their farm, Animal Farm. Snowball becomes leader of the animals in place of the late Old Major. Snowball is driven out of office by Napoleon, a two-faced pig. After Snowball is

driven out of the farm he is never seen again. Napoleon acts like a totalitarian. He forces animals to do hard labor. He disobeys the Seven Commandments. He trades goods with humans. Napoleon works with his partner in crime, Squealer. Together they are unstoppable. Boxer is sent to a horse slaughterer after he is no longer strong enough to work on the farm. After many years of hiding in the woods, Jesse and other animals come back to the farm where there are few survivors. Communism and totalitarianism are the main themes brought up in the novel. Constantly they are used to portray both man and animal. Napoleon was the leader and forced animals to do work or else they would be murdered. Voting was not an option after both Old Major and Snowball was gone. Napoleon just made

judgements on his own in his communist world. People and animals were forced into manual labor and one person or animal made decisions. Napoleon was a character that could easily be portrayed by any evil actor or actress. I think that the penguin, in Batman Returns fit Napoleon s characteristics perfectly. Danny DeVito plays the penguin in the movie. The penguin helps out the city in many ways, while trying to run out the infamous Batman. Napoleon helps out Animal Farm, by suggesting many good ideas while he throws Snowball out of the farm. They both intertwine with one another s personalities and traits. I saw Squealer as being a tag along with Napoleon. Number Two in Austin Powers, was the same type of character. Robert Wagner played Number Two. He was the brains and did

everything that Dr. Evil ordered him to do. Napoleon ordered Squealer to do many things. Squealer was known as a brilliant talker. Number Two did most of the talking on behalf of Dr. Evil. Squealer explained most of the things happening on the farm on behalf of Napoleon. Boxer was a horse that respected his job and worked until he collapses from age and overwork. Dr. Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, shadows the character of Boxer. Bruce Willis works just about everyday of his working career as a psychologist until a former patient murders him. Boxer works almost everyday on the farm plowing fields, and herding rocks and other objects. He grows old and collapses. He too is murdered in the end. They both worked arduous at what they were best at but man took

them away in the end. The most intriguing part in the novel that interested me most was the Seven Commandments made by Old Major. The Seven Commandments of Animalism painted on the barn wall were: I. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. II. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. III. No animal shall wear clothes. IV. No animal shall sleep in a bed. V. No animal shall drink alcohol. VI. No animal shall kill any other animal. VII. All animals are equal. I have chosen this segment out of the book for various reasons. The basis of the novel revolved around these seven commandments. This passage made me think about what animals think about humans. I actually wonder if animals have a way of talking to each other. In most religions there are the Ten Commandments.