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we look up to our own positive leaders. DR martin Luther King wwas, and still is, one of these powerful persons in our lives. Yet dr king is a prime example of how one can use power in a positive way. He persuaded “brainwashed” those who used violence into using less abraisve methods. Dr King, Orwell’s Major, used their intelligence and power toward more democratic ends. Fortunately, the novel reminds us of this option. When people are blinded of what they need to know, innocent people are led the wrong weay. Propaganda hurts feelings and takes advantage iof people who are willing to do positive. In animal farm, george orwell satirizes human tendency. He warns us of the politician in all of us, who, thirsting for power, fails to be humane. We may begin by fighting for a

cause, but we may soon lose sight of that cause if we become addiceted to power. We may be humans who decievce and corrupt other humans.