Animal Farm 2 Essay Research Paper

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Animal Farm 2 Essay, Research Paper The novel animal farm by george orwell, is quite an enlightening story for everyone. the main idea involves the struggle over power between animal and master that changes abruptly into power struggles and decpetions bewtween the animals themselves. the novel, however, is not about animals at all. It is a satire of people in real life who fall prey to the negative influences of power. The main character in the novel, napoleon, is a pig who is obsessed with power. Hee uses a tecjhnique called propaganda to persuade other animals tro work harder. Thuis technique is also used in human poliotics. The effcet of pro[agnda is that one party exploits the truth to get what they want. In anmal farm one can see how propaganda is used by napoleon to

benefit his own selfuish desires and power struggles. Again, the power struggles in Animal farm satirize human nature. In the quest for power, time after time, negative leaders use propaganda for their sople benefit/ In animal farm napoleon uses this technique to brainwash the animals into thinking that they need to serve him alone. napoleon does not care if the animals are hurt or if they need rest. He wants for himself anfd himself only. naploeon uses the propaganda technique in an uncaring and very negative way/ An example of this in the novel is when napoleon blatantly runs a rival pig, snowball, off the farm./ napoleon even uses his trained dogs to scare snowball away. from this point on, he would blame snowball for everything that went wrong on the farm. The animals are so

brainwashed that they believe snowball has actaully done all these things. This is how propaganda overpowers the animals on the farm. Orwell’s refrain is constant:the power struggles between napoleon and the rest of the animals on the farm represent the negative way humans abuse power and propaganda. Orwell makes one ponder the use of propaganda as it has been used effectively since the beginning of time. In the begininng of time, as the Bible states, the serpent uses the technique of propaganda to p[ersuade Eve to eat of the tree that God has forbidden. people in the qworld are persuaded very easily. Like napoleon, adolph hitler is a good example opg a human using propganda in a negtaive sense./ Hitler killed many Jews as well as Christians, and brainwashed the people into

thinking that the jews were evil and wrong. People often make the mistake of fo9llowing characters like hitler, napoleon opr the devil-characters who abuse power and intelligencew to fulfill their needs and desires/ By6 manipulating people. they deceive them into thinking that what they are doing is helping someone in a positive manner, when what they are actaully doing is destroying the human spirit. using propaganda in this negative way benefits the power hungry and deceives the innocent. Animal farm shows us innocent animals who are deceived into working longer and harder with lesss food than they need. the animals are woprking hard, but they are not thinking about what they are doing. They are not working smart. the animals are discouraged and decieved about their situation/

Propaganda is used profoundly and literally top work them to death. All of thses creatures have respect for hard work and for what is right, but they are victimized by a bad leader. Sadly, when the innocent are blinded, the intelligrent yet power hungry people tend to lead the blinded astray. As the author is pointing out, people in the world are deceived about many things.As told in the many chapters of animal farm, napleon continues to lead his innocent “friends” the wrong way. However, there is also a rgeat positive influence on the animals, a charcater who orwell seems to endorse. That character is a pig named Old Major.Before Napoleon died, he was a great rolemodel for the other animals. He is geniunely interested in their well being.The animnaks look uo to him just as