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Animal Experimentation Essay, Research Paper When faced with the choice of sparing an animal’s life or saving a human being, most people would reasonably choose to save the human. But are human needs more important than non-human animals? Most people think of animals as objects whose purpose is to serve our desires and whims, whether for the taste of their flesh, or the feel of their fur and skin, or the profit that can be made from either of these activities. Perhaps we should rethink the multitude of ways we use animals for our purposes and endeavor to minimize their pain, discomfort, and wastage in performing such necessary functions as research and agriculture. It is a common belief that all creatures are created equal. Therefore, humans do not necessarily have the

right to test animals to serve our own desires and whims. We actually utilize more animals today than ever before. Not only do we eat, ride, shoot, wear, trap, hunt, and farm animals, but we experiment on millions of animals world-wide each year. “In the 2 major areas of farming and experimentation alone, approximately a hundred billion animals are killed in the world every year. Use of experimental animals in the United States is estimated to be from 70 to 120 million. World-wide, there is about 500 million experimental animals altogether.”(1) Most of us know that what we do to animals we would never do to people. We understand that people have certain rights that keep us from being eaten, worn, or experimented on by other people. What we don’t realize, until we really

examine our beliefs about animals, is that rights cannot belong exclusively to human beings. A cow who has been killed, skinned, dismembered, and ground up is “beef”, “leather”, or “hamburger”. A laboratory rat is a “research tool” or “model”. It is hard, if not impossible, to understand that, like ourselves, non-human animals are sentient, which means that they are able to experience pain and suffering, and have emotional lives. Animals are in laboratories because people have the brains and ability to put them there. However, it is not where they belong if they are not cared for with thier welfare thought of as a high priority. Once they are restrained and caged, we can burn, irradiate, infect, electrocute, poison, and sacrifice them. The extent of

experimentation is limited by imagination, not law. When in laboratories, the animals are often confined in spaces that are too small for there comfort and well-being, forcefully bred or artificially inseminated, their offspring wrenched from them prior to weaning, given hormones, over or underfed, and finally killed. Tests on some of the cosmetics that we are wearing right now, can be very harsh to animals. Rabbits are used in tests because their eyes are especially sensitive. Also, they have no tear ducts whereas they cannot wash test materials out of their eyes. In performing this cruel and inhumane test, a rabbit’s head is placed in a stock to prevent the animal from scratching or pawing at the eye in which the substance has been placed. ” The lower lid of one eye is

pulled down and away from the eye. Then the test substance, such as shampoo, mascara, and even nail polish remover, is dropped into or smeared on the eye. Testers often look for redness in the affected eye, swelling, hemorrhaging, and other signs of irritation.”(2) Depending on the materials used, the rabbits can get ulcers in their eyes, and blindness often occurs. The rabbits may be used in some other test or killed after a test. Unfortunately this test, like many other biological processes, simply cannot be examined in isolated preparations. Therefore, there are no alternatives to this test, so it will continue to be used as long as people are purchasing those kinds of products. Another test is one that works with toxic substances. ” As many as 200 animals can be used for