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Animal Experimentation Essay, Research Paper Animal Experimentation As playing with your adorable pet dog, named Bailey, anews commercial flashes across the screen about animalexperimentation. After the commercial you ponder upon whathappens to the thousands of animals that were used forexperimental test. Experimental test may help in findingnew discoveries, but the physiological problems, death, anddeformation of the animals is not right. If it’s not rightto do to humans, then it’s not right to do to animals. The physiological problems that occur in the animalsthat are tested on is not minor, but extreme. It is truethat the research is vital for medical advances which helpedprovide antibiotics and vaccines, insulin, and advances inthe medical technology like blood

transfusions, kidneydialysis, and heart lung machines, but what about theanimals that are being tested on. The animals go from astable to a unstable condition, or have a condition far moreworse than which they started from. Lets say Mike, the labmouse, was in good health and could function properly onhis own. After a week of testing on his body, Mike couldnot walk, feed himself, or function properly due to theexperimental test performed on his brain. Mike would havenever had to experience the change in his body if he wouldnot have been tested on. Death is another extreme case in animalexperimentation. This may determine a flaw in theexperimentation which is good for humans, but it ends thelife of a innocent animal. Over 3 million animals startedout like Mike did, as a healthy

mouse. The treatments andtest that were performed on their bodies was too much forthem to handle causing death, the only non-painful way out. From the time of being healthy, to the experimentation, todeath, suffering happens a great deal to these lab animals. How would you feel being poked at, injected with, or underclose observation by a scientific researcher undergoingthese unnecessary, painful and lethal animal test? The deformation that occurs in the animals can behelpful in growing ears or limbs to humans, but it doesn’tguarantee that there will be no complications with it. “Medical experiments on animals have caused enormous damageand killed thousands. In the past 20 years thousands ofdrugs and test, successfully tested on animals have beenwithdrawn because of dangerous

side effects on humans”(Braim2). During the time where the animals are experimented on,they go through a lot of suffering. They start out normaland by the end of the testing, they have a new body part(s)attached, like a extra ear or limb. Lab animals have to gothrough cruel and antiquated testing methods. Are test thatare designed to poison, blind, burn, mutate and killthousands of defenseless animals absolutely necessary andhumane? Animal experimentation is cruel to animals. What didthey ever do to deserve this treatment? The animals gothrough many physiological problems with suffering, thenleading to death, or possible deformation. Is it so hard tohave alternative test such as human cell culture test andcomputer models to replace live animals? More than 600companies use these

alternatives to manufacture safe andeffective products, but that’s not enough. I feel thatanimals are equal to us and deserve to be treated fairly. In the future we should abide by the famous quote “Do untoothers as you would have done to you.”