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Angola Essay, Research Paper I feel that Angola prison system is a very effective correction system. The video demonstrated how the system has different setups to keep the prisoners working to keep them out of trouble. Although Angola is a rough maximum-security system, it seems to have great control over the inmates. The atmosphere of Angola is rough, but has great control over the inmates, which keeps it safe in its own unusual way. By keeping all the inmates working with different jobs, they have less violence. By giving the inmates jobs, they hold a certain responsibility so they stay out of trouble to keep these jobs. This is proven in one way because the prisoners are out in fields with sharp objects, which could lead to violence and even escape. Since the prisons hold

the responsibilities they do there job and stay out of trouble. I do not think they could escape because the surroundings are rough so they could not get out. Inside the prison IM sure it is the same as other prisons with gangs and violence, but the difference is the working there. Another thing that helps Angola is the prison rodeos they hold. This is why prisoners one time out of the year hold a rodeo. They are suited up and ride the bulls and wild horses for fun and for a show for the public. Only the inmates with good records are allowed to do this, so to keep this privilege the prisoners keep good conduct. This is another responsibility left on the prisoners just like the jobs. These are a few reasons I feel Angola atmosphere is great for a maximum security prisons. If more

prisons would use this setup of jobs and privileges, they could lower their violence. If I had the chance to change something in Angola, I do not think I would change anything. It seems to be setup and ran well the way it is. Although there is still some violence, drugs, and rape inside the walls, that cannot be changed because that is just part of a prison system. The so-called ?Responsibility system? at Angola is ran well and I do not thing it needs to be changes. These are some reasons I feel Angola?s prison system is effective and do not need to be changed. The atmosphere of Angola although it is very tough it is very calm for a maximum-security prison and more prisons should use the set up for a background to base theirs off of.