Angels Of The North Essay Research Paper

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Angels Of The North Essay, Research Paper Angels are our guardians. They perform special acts of benevolence to help and assist people in their daily lives. Although humans may never see angels in their lifetime, they are here spiritually and play a special role in protecting them. Wolves, on the other hand, may be represented as a symbol of evil, but in fact, they are very much like angels. Like angels, wolves are watchers. They do not harm but are just there. The wolves were send as a cure to protect the people, much in the same way that angels are here to give them hope. Without hope, people are left with no desire to do anything. Angels do not need to resemble humans. In fact, in the film, Never Cry Wolf, the are just the opposite, they are wolves. Wolves have much the

same characteristics as angels. They roam peacefully in search of tranquillity. Their mysterious eyes are so intimidating and ominous yet the movie implies they are tame, innocent and peaceful. To illustrate this, the individual in the story, Tyler, was able to approach the cubs in the cave and they did not even make a threatening gesture. He was able to film and pictures of them without being harmed. Also, wolves are vigilant, always aware of their surroundings. In the movie, the wolf made sure that he and the person had their boundaries set. The wolf respected the man?s space. Although they have boundaries they are free and wild much as angels are free and know no limits. Tyler went to the North to do some research on the wolves. He was seeking out for the answers to the

dwindling caribou population and believed that the wolves were the cause. After a period of experiencing the North, he uncovers the real truth; that is; humans are the real enemy and not the wolves. It is so ironic that men are killing what protecting them. Men are too arrogant to believe that it is their own wrong doing. They ignore the wolves, like how they ignore the angels inside their head. Angels are like our conscience. They try to help us distinguish between right and wrong. Though men never think about their actions, they usually go for the first that pops into their mind and this may be disastrous. For example, in the movie, that man with the plane is full of greed. He hires an Inuit to kill the movies so he can get their fur. He ignored what he was doing; destroying

the North and killing the innocent animal. Being unaware of wolves and angel is potentially hazardous. Within the conscious of human beings, they provide a sense of security. They may be looked at as a maligned force but play a vital and necessary role in the ecosystem of the North. For example, the people of the North can depend on the wolves to eat the sick caribou and therefore prevent the spreading of the disease. They act as a shield for the Inuit. Their presence is reassuring, like and angel watching over your left and right shoulder Wolves have many crucial purposes in our world. However, in the North, they are depleting due to man?s disturbances. So there is no doubt we need to save them. The Inuit will suffer dearly without the wolves. They remind humans of their actions

and errors. In the film, the director, Carroll Ballard, indicates that the wolves protect and look out for the people. People should not be dreaded at the sight of wolves. On he other hand, be grateful that wolves, angels in disguise, are among us.