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Angels Essay, Research Paper Angels When hearing the word angel, there is a wide choice of common images one can think of. One might think of a loved friend, a beautiful woman, or even a holiday. The image in which I plan to discuss in is that of a guardian. Musician Sarah Mclachlan recently released a new hit song entitled, “angel.” This song represents individuals who have a sense of loneliness and suffer from various types of depression. Whether regarding a job, schoolwork, parenting, etc., I believe that anyone, in some shape or form, can relate to this song personally. In order to provide a thorough rhetorical criticism, I find it necessary to perform Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic pentad. Burke states, “the job of communication is to help bring people together”

(Burke, 177). I believe that songs help people come together and give a better understanding of themselves as individuals. Songs also provide a sense of relaxation, which helps individuals open their minds to new ideas. Scene: a hotel room Agent: an angel Act: memories/life Agency: an act of comforting Purpose: to overcome your fears Depression plays a major role throughout the lyrics of this song. The scene takes place in a hotel room where an individual, or the songwriter, is in a moment in time where life is difficult and incomprehensible. They are taking a moment to glance at their previous memories and attempt to grasp their meaning of life. This is evident through the act portrayed in the lyrics: I need some distraction or a beautiful release memories seep from my veins

they may be empty or their weightless and maybe I’ll find some peace tonight (Mclachlan). “Depressed individuals generally regard their condition as irreversible” (Abnormal Psychology, 233). The individual personified in this song is alone, restless, and unfaithful. It is in this sense that the agent and agency are evident. Mclachlan sings of an angel in order to help the individual through suffering and anxiety. The fact that the scene takes place in a hotel room indicates that the territory in which the individual is physically confronted with is unfamiliar and impersonal. The individual is confronting a territory mentally that may be familiar to many people. Memories and aspects of life seem to be fading into the night until the chorus begins with comforting lyrics

provided by an angel: You’re in the arms of an angel may you find, some comfort here (Mclachlan). Upon thinking about angels, why and where did they come from? The Greek word angelos means messenger. “Angels serve as messengers from God to man” (Angels and Us, 11). This was the way that God obtained the ability to talk to humans, according to the Bible. It don’t make no difference escaping one last time it’s easier to believe (Mclachlan). Angels are also used and identified through persuasion. They ensure individuals that life can get better by helping them to see their problem as it lies with the intention of working them out intelligently, wisely, and safely. This is possible simply by taking a step out of life for a moment and looking at what the world has to offer.

If more humans took the time to realize what they possess instead on dwelling on what they lack, society would be different in many aspects. It seems as though the song is relaying a distinctive and persuasive message to its listener. As long as one believes, then they will be comforted. Whether it is by God, an angel, a friend, or oneself, believing seems to be the answer to the coping of life. “Plato and Aristotle agreed on the priority of mind over matter, on a realm of reality which stands behind or above the appearances of the world” (Unseen World, 2,3). The alleged purpose of this song is to give the listener a sense of hope and belief in order to overcome their fears. The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance, when he knows that it is but the strange work