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family and friends to concentrate on losing weight. Peers may reject the person because of their behavior. Cavities and Gum Disease Poor nutrition and vomiting can damage teeth and gums. Extreme Physical Activity To burn calories and get rid of fatty tissue, the person may turn to long distance running, biking or heavy exercising. Hair, Nail, and Skin Problems Lack of protein in the diet may lead to dull stringy hair, brittle nails and dry skin. Poor Self Esteem People with anorexia generally lack self-confidence. They become very depressed and talk about suicide. Extreme Sensitivity to Cold Loss of fat and muscle tissue makes it difficult for the body to keep itself warm. Overuse of Laxatives This habit can lead to severe dehydration. Denial of the Problem Since the problem is

huge, a person may strongly deny the underweight condition. Anorexia Nervosa Health September 27, 1999 Chris Guerra