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Ancient Spartan Government Essay, Research Paper During the time in which Sparta existed, Spartans were well aware of what to expect in their life. Spartan life was simple, yet disciplined. The government of Sparta was harsh, however it was orderly and stable. Spartan government provided a life in which Spartans were offered few choices, instead, many choices would be made for them. The form of government practiced in Sparta was controlling toward the lives of children, men, and slaves. When persuing to have a child during the time of Sparta, it was extremely important to be aware of the governments role in your child’s future. The Ephorate, which posesed the highest governmental power in Sparta, ran an infant system in which each newborn child would be assessed. Children

who did not appear to be healthy and strong were taken and left to die on the apathate, or top of a mountain. It was made clear that no deformed children were allowed to live. However, children who apeared to be healthy and strong were given the opportunity to persue the normal Spartan life. Right from birth, a healthy male child was destined to serve in the millitary. At age 7, boys were sent to the military and athletic school. Here, they learned toughness, discipline, endurance, skills, and how to deal with severe pain. At the age of 20 a male Spartan became a soldier and persued a life with his fellow soldiers. Everyday, soldiers were forced to deal with displeasing conditions in which they were barefoot, received small amounts of food, and slept outside with no covering.

They were not given many individual choices, if any at all.However, the governmental control toward men was not at drastic as it was toward slaves. The government of Sparta was extremely controlling toward slaves. Slaves were owned, and not in any way considered citizens. They were forced to cultivate the soil for the citizens who owned the land. Despite the hard work and pain a slave would endure during work, the government forced the slaves to turn over + of their crops to the artisans who owned the land. In addition, no matter the age, slaves were subject to brutal treatment. They were given very few opportunities and in effect lived miserable lives. The form of government that existed during the time of Sparta was very controlling towards the lives of children, men, and

slaves. Throughout the lives of each, few individual choices were offered, instead, decisions were made for them. In addition, each had to deal with difficult and unrewarding situations. Despite the order and stability of the government, the governmental control angered the Spartans. Many of the controlling acts towards children, men, and slaves that took place during this time are clearly unjust and immoral.