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rivers carry a heavy load of silt and have deposited much of it. The major tributaries of the Euphrates are the Balikh, Al Khabur , and Gharraf Channel. The Tigris River The streams that join to form the Tigris River begin in high mountains near Lake Van in Turkey. As the Tigris River flows out of Turkey it touches the northeastern border of Syria and flows southeastward toward Iraq. In Iraq it is joined by tributaries from the east. These tributaries are Great Zab , Little Zab , and Diyala. The Euphrates, west of the Tigris flows in the same direction toward the Persian Gulf. The Tigris is 1,880 miles long. The fertile region between the Euphrates and the Tigris is called Mesopotamia, this was named by the Ancient Greeks. Since ancient times the people of Mesopotamia have

depended on the water of the two rivers to irrigate their hot and dry land. The Persian Gulf is filled with about 70 feet of water a year from the Tigris and the Euphrates River.