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social systems and institutions should be based on cooperation and compromising. Power would rest in individuals and the collectives they freely associate into. Anarchism revolves around five basic principles: 1) equality; 2) democracy; 3) free association; 4) mutual aid; 5) diversity. Equality can have many different meanings. In regards to the anarchist political philosophy, they speak of equality in reference to power. This doesn’t mean they want a new society based on a totalitarian vision of everyone looking and acting the same, in fact they see strength in diversity. Instead they mean that everyone should have equal access to power, to determine how he or she wants to live his or her lives. It appears the best way for equal power to be institutionalized is through

different forms of democracy. Democracy is a vague notion, but in general it seeks to empower everyone to have an equal say in decisions that affect their lives. This is only useful if it extends to all areas of social life. Capitalism is undemocratic, in my opinion, especially when combined with racism and sexism. Free Association is the idea that individuals should not be forced into social arrangements against their will. In the world today if you are born into poverty, most likely you will die in poverty. In America, children cannot expect to live at a higher standard than their parents. In an anarchist society collectives-or organizations, would be created for every purpose humanly desired, of people freely associated with equal power to determine its future. This vision

extends to all forms of social arrangements – from your neighborhood, to your city, to a neighborhood restaurant, etc. When people work together they can accomplish much more than when they work against each other. I do believe that social organizations should embrace and encourage this. It may seem like common sense, but when you look around, all you see is how we are constantly pitted against each other. So anarchists do not seek to stifle creativity and individual excellence, but hope to spread it out, and allow everyone to chase their dreams. Diversity in this sense, is the key to survival in the future. The modern drive to standardize everything and apply the assembly line to all aspects of social life has left many alienated and hopeless. Instead of trying to make reality

conform to state bureaucrats conceptions of order through imposition of their authority; anarchists believe that social organizations function more effectively for the people involved in them if those same people have the power to shape them in ways they desire. So anarchists support diverse forms of democracy, family organization, production, dancing, loving, eating, whatever. Oh yeah, and being free. Here are my thoughts (they may, at first, seem to be off subject, but in the end you?ll nderstand why I begin the way I do): At the moment we live in a society in which there are two major classes – the bosses and the workers. The bosses own the factories, banks, shops, etc. Workers don’t. All they have is their labor, which they use to make a living. Workers are compelled to

sell their labor to the boss for a wage. The boss is interested in squeezing as much work out of the worker for as little wages as possible so that he/she can maintain high profits. Thus the more wages workers get the less profits the bosses make. Their interests are in total opposition to each other. Production is not based on the needs of ordinary people. Production is for profit. Therefore although there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, people starve because profits come first. This is capitalism. There are other classes in society such as the self- employed and small farmers but fundamentally there are workers and bosses whose interests are in opposition to each other. For workers needs to be fully met we must get rid of the bosses. But this is no easy task. The

bosses are organized. They have the media on their side. They also have the State and the force of the army and police that go with it. The state (i.e. governments, armies, courts, police, etc.) is a direct result of the fact that we live in a class society. A society where about 7% of the people own, at least, 85% of the wealth. The state is there to protect the interests of this minority, if not by persuasion then by force. Laws are made not to protect us, but to protect those who own the property. If you haven?t already guessed it, I don?t care much for capitalism. I think it is very deceiving how we are led to believe that the state is run in our interests. ?Don?t we have elections to ensure that any government not behaving itself can be brought to task?? you ask. Democracy