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punks,” (Ignorant 5). They had realized that their fellow punk bands were not actually doing anything but promoting pop culture. They felt like they were the only band that ever did anything for a true cause. Crass finally began to make their first record. They met Pete Stennet in 1978 at show (Ignorant 6). He listened to a tape of the band and wanted to produce a record. He could only make a single so he had to pick out a song to record. This was not an easy task. They finally decided to record them all on the first ever multi-tracked 45 rpm record. They decided to call it “The Feeding of the 5000″ because they could only produce 5000 copies (Ignorant 6). Crass began having troubles with the police. When the next record from the band came out, police squads raided record

stores and the band was visited by Scotland Yard. The record contained a song titled “Asylum,” which many record companies refused to make because of its blasphemous content (Ignorant 7). Crass received letters from the authorities saying that they were indeed free “but they’d better not try it again,” (Ignorant 8). Since the beginning of 1977, Crass had been engaged in a graffiti war throughout London (Ignorant 10). They used spray paint and stencils to convey such messages as “Fight WAR, Not WARS,” (Ignorant 10). The band also began putting up banners with the infamous circle “A” which was a symbol for anarchy that could only be found in books at the time (Ignorant 11). Now this symbol is found everywhere throughout the world. George Orwell’s book 1984

influenced Crass greatly (Ignorant 1, 8). They believed in his predictions of an overwhelmingly strong government in the year 1984. When this year arrived, Crass had extremely increased popularity. Many people in foreign countries knew about the band and bought their records (Ignorant 18). They realized that they had lost their cause. They themselves had become everything they had been fighting for seven years. The band decided to split and embark on their own solo careers. Punk did not die when Crass broke up. A new type of music actually formed. Anarcho- punk is a style of music derived from punk. It has a message of anti-system beliefs and is still strong today. Some anarchist bands are actually at the top of the charts today. This is a big accomplishment for anarchists

everywhere. From the 500’s to the 1900’s and from New York to New Zealand, anarchism has been a belief shared by many. Although anarchy has only been in effect for very short periods of time in a country, the assumption that it would be a successful way of living seems to be appealing to thousands. Anarchism has influenced us in many different ways. Many revolutionaries where anarchists who shaped the government today. Art and literature are forms of media that have always provided anarchists with a way of expressing their beliefs. Music itself is to blame for many present day anarchist. It is a belief that has shaped our lives and will continue to do so forever. WORKS CITED Brogan, Denis. Proudhon. London: H.Hamilton, 1934. Cox, Matt. William Godwin. D’Attilio, Robert. Events of the Sacco and Vanzetti Case. Emma Goldman. Harrison, Paul. Zeno of Cittium-Founder of Stoicism. Ignorant, Steve. Crass-Best Before. London: Crass Records Company, 1984. Thoreau, Henry David. “Civil Disobedience.” Walden. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1992. 633-661.