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clicked. She knew that she wanted to be the best. She knew that she wanted to do well on the PSAT. The perfect opportunity for her to achieve both of those things was wrapped in a large envelope, lying right in front of her. When the fire alarm sounded, she knew that it was the perfect time to seize the moment, so she swiped the test. When the group discovered that it was missing, she played along and acted as if she knew nothing about where it had gone. Later on, when Dawson accused Pacey of taking the test, she went right along with it, knowing that no one would expect her of the crime. In the end, you see that she is filling out the answer sheet without having even opened up her test booklet. She was given the chance to do something completely dishonest, and she took it. She

didn’t care that two friends were on the verge of ending a life-long relationship, nor did she care about the rising hostility among the group of friends; all she cared about was the fact that her chance at gaining the perfection she has always striven for was in her possession. She allowed her friends to gang up on her ex-boyfriend, and she allowed him to take the blame for stealing the test; but hey, that’s what friends are for, isn’t it?