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Analyzing The Creek Essay, Research Paper Analyzing the “Creek” Dawson Leary, throughout a majority of the show, is pretty indecisive about the numerous issues with which he is faced. He spends a great amount of time in the middle of the “Identity Moratorium” and “Identity Achievement” states during this episode. From the moment the first scene appears on the television screen, you are greeted by the image of a blond-haired, blue-eyed male adolescent who speaks as though he is actually twice his age. He is somewhat entranced by a blond-haired, blue-eyed overly-promiscuous female adolescent named Eve. You can see that he is interested in her, but is surprised and somewhat overwhelmed by her frankness and overpowering demeanor. He has always lived up to the “good

boy” reputation that he has made for himself throughout the years. Now, he has this girl, who he met just a week ago, in front of him. He knows that she is totally wrong for him, and that she is trouble in the making, but he cannot help but to think that maybe she is what he wants. Eve is everything that Dawson has never been; the whole concept of right versus wrong excites him to a certain extent, and now he has to make a decision between the two. He allows Eve to manipulate him into thinking and doing things that he normally would never do. When she gives him a copy of the PSAT, he jumps at the chance to bring his friends in on the “jewel.” When the test turns up missing, he immediately blames his friends, but allows them to make the decision to return the test

anonymously. He trusts his friends enough to believe that they will return the test. When he finds that no one has confessed to swiping the test, Eve hints to him that Pacey was the culprit. Dawson allows her to manipulate him into believing that Pacey actually did it. He and Pacey get into a fistfight over the test and their friendship. In the end, Dawson drops Eve and walks out during the PSAT. In the end, Dawson takes step closer to the “Identity Achievement” state by resolving some of the conflicts he was faced with in the episode. Pacey Witter is very much a member of the “Identity Diffusion” state. While he did spend a minimal amount of time in the “Identity Foreclosure” state, a majority of the time was spent in the “Diffusion” state. Pacey has the

reputation of being the trouble-maker, class clown, wise-cracking adolescent son of one of Capeside’s best law enforcement officials. He is also a self-proclaimed screw-up and failure, an idea of which was instilled by his father. After months of dating Andie McPhee, he ends the relationship after learning of her infidelity. Still hurt and angry over the fact that the “love of his life” cheated on him, he receives the final blow when Andie returns to him everything he ever gave her – piled into a cardboard box. The most harrowing part of the whole situation was when Andie told him that she was willing to take him back, but since he cannot forgive her, she has planned an alternative course in her “new” life – that doesn’t include him. On top of all of that, he has

to deal with the fact that his life-long best friend thinks that he stole the test from him. He ends up getting drunk and accidentally trips over the box filled with the stuff Andie gave back to him, sending it flying into the water – where it is to remain until someone finds it. Dawson confronts him about the test, and Pacey is furious that he would accuse him of stealing it. They end up taking a few swings at each other before Joey jumps in and sends Dawson away. Joey helps Pacey by listening to what he has to say, and attempting to make him feel better by cracking a few sarcastic remarks. On the morning of the PSAT, Pacey watches as Dawson walks out of the test; he decides that the test was a stupid thing to lose a friend over, and subsequently follows Dawson out of the