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Analyzing Macbeth Essay, Research Paper In the final acts of Shakespeare?s Macbeth the motiff blood plays a big role. It adds drama and shows how influencial the sight of blood is to many people. For instance, on page 356,Act 5, Scene 3, .lines 17-20Macbeth say?Go prick thy face and over-red thy fear, thou lily-livered boy. What soldiers, patch? Death of thy soul! Those linen cheeks of thine Are counselors to fear. What soldiers, whey-face?? In this passage Macbeth suggests that the servant cut his face so that blood will hide his cowardice . This adds drama and states the sight of blood makes people look lss cowardly and may scare another thus giving Macbeth power over his enemy. In act 4 scene, scene 1, page 335 , lines 89-92 there is a reference to a bloody child that

states? Be bloody, bold, snd resolute; laugh to scorn The pow?r of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth. It is more dramatic that is is said by a bloody child because it wouldn?t be such an impotant statement said byu a regular man or woman. Characterization lets ua know what is going on in each characters head and lets us know things about the character that the author wants us to know. For example in act 4, scene 1, pg. 337, lines 165-179 Macbeth says aside ? Time, thou anticipat?st my ddread exploits???? The castle of Macduff I will surprise, , seize upon Fife, give to the edge o? the sword That trace him, in his line???? Come, bring me where they are.? Shakespeare lets Macbeth talk to himself so the audience knows exactly what is going through his mind. In Act 5

scene 1 the whole opwning section with the doctor talking to the gentlewoman is created so that we understand what is going with Lady Macbeth without being told in a more obvious way that would take away from the play. Characterization is a big part of letting us know more about the play otherwise without there would be many things we didn?t understand. Foreshadowing adds suspense and gives the reader an eye to look into the future of the play to keep them interested and let them know what will happen. In act 5,scene 1 pg,353, lines 73-75 when the doctor says,? Look after her; remove from her means of annoyance, and still keep eyes upon her .? This is said as to forshadow that later in the play Lady Macbeth might take her own life because of her guilty feeling. Also, at the

beginning of Act 4 scene 1 the three witches foreashadow by telling Macbeth what the future holds such as the witches showing Macbeth the lines of futeure kings foreshadow what will happen to Macbeth.