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covers so many different communities it is important for them to keep people up to date on the latest news nationally with their sources. With sources obtained by the larger paper their ability to cover national news makes them the money. Different papers cover different topics or issues. Newspapers bring information about various subjects to people. People in return relay this information to other people, in effect notifying others of the happenings in our world. The importance of the newspaper takes us back in history to the time of the Sons of Liberty. They were not far enough advanced to produce a newspaper and disperse it among the colonies. They had to send representatives to meetings to tell of their mistreatment by the British. This only happened through organized

meetings at different times. Small newspapers cover local news happening around several communities. Even though it covers several communities, small papers create a feel of a hometown paper. Large papers just don t create that feel of a hometown paper even though they also cover many communities. These papers are relied on to bring the people the national news that escapes the smaller papers. Their emphasis on national news makes them the leading sellers. Every newspaper covers their fair share of news, only each paper s front page will contain the news they will exhibit throughout the remaining of their paper. Simply put remember to find national news go to the big city paper and for your local news pick up a small newspaper.