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Maya saw her. She was peaceful, yet powerful, and beautiful, yet independent. This being what Maya wanted and hoped for in life… her own independence, intelligence, and beauty. Mrs. Flowers and Mamma expected May a to be “womanly like,” not knowing what happened in St. Louis. Maya was afraid that they would find out what happened to her. Mrs. Flowers built her to be a woman, without Maya even acknowledging it. She did it patiently, therefore succeeding and constructing a path for Maya on her way to becoming a woman. In conclusion, Maya sets an example, just as Mrs. Flowers did for her, and tells the world that anyone can succeed if they try. Maya overcame the wrath of a childhood rape, segregation, prostitution, hate, and love. She writes this to express that she, too,

knows why the caged bird sings and anyone can overcome if they merely open their wings and fly.