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however had no legitimacy because it was not based on the facts from the 3 areas discussed, but was instead bases on social norms and bias. If the government would have instead based their policy on facts and figures they would have developed a policy that had legitimacy and reasoning. There would be no room for people to argue about equality when they discovered that based on facts, women truly are unequal to men, and there isn’t a single thing humans can do to change that. One would not be able to expect a government to allow something simply for equalities sake that had so many negative factors weighing against it, including human life. In a report for the Heritage Foundation in 1994, John Luddy summarizes the proper policy best by stating “the purpose of the armed forces

is to fight and win the nation’s wars, not to serve as a laboratory for social progress.” (Heritage, pg.8). If the committee and the Secretary of Defense had looked from an unbiased point of view they would have still developed the same policy, but instead would have developed it for the proper reasons.