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premises of integration of Russia into the Western-based economic, political, and security system and institutions remains possible and remains the aspiration of at least this Russian leadership. But in order to realize that ambition and its premises, which are still open on the Russian side, the U.S. have to caution against any action that may be perceived within the Russian security elite as a direct threat to Russia’s most important core national security interest. Works Cited Cohen, Ariel. Why We Should Be Worried About Russia Feffer, John. “Restructuring East-Central European Economies.” Feffer, John. “U.S.-Russian Relations: Avoiding a Cold Peace” Gaddy, John. U.S.-Russian Relations “How Dangerous to Bear, How Important the Future? A Paper on U.S. Foreign Policy to Russia.” Payne, Laura. “U.S.-Russia Security Relations.” Sestanovich, Stephen. “U.S. Policy Toward Russia.” Sestanovich, Stephen. “U.S. Policy toward Russia.” US Relations with Russia Wedel, Janine R.

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