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doctor knows that. The doctor poisons Coyotito to make it look like he is saving the baby. Kino and Juana are suspicious, but they let the doctor do his deed. The doctor lies about the symptoms, but Juana and Kino allow him to proceed because of their lack of education. The merchants and beggars are also jealous over the pearl. These people overwhelmed with jealousy and greed spy on Kino’s family to see where they hide the pearl. If that does not work, they try to rob and/ or kill Kino for the pearl. This tends to happen at night. The pearl buyers are also jealous and greedy. When Kino, Juana, and Coyotito go to town to sell the pearl, the pearl buyers set up a strategy. Kino walks up to one of the pearl buyers, not knowing that they all are working together, and asks the pearl

buyer how much he would buy it for. The pearl buyer says it is not as great as it seems. Kino becomes angry because he knows the pearl is worth a lot. The two other pearl buyers arrive at the office and say the same thing. The pearl buyers work together to try to manipulate Kino into selling the pearl for a low price rate. Kino has now became every man’s enemy. Greed and jealously came into everyone’s heads when the pearl of the world came in Kino’s hands. From greed and jealously, the pearl changes to another symbolism to Kino’s manhood. This most luxurious pearl was once his hope, and now it is his obsession. For instance, Kino becomes attached to this pearl. The pearl is destroying their lives. Juana realizes this and wants to throw it back into the sea. When Kino

hears what Juana wants, he becomes angry and refuses. He believes that since he is a man, he should stay with the pearl like a man. Since he is a man, he thinks that his good fortune should not be taken from him. The pearl becomes his soul and his sense of being a man. The pearl takes over his body completely and now he will do whatever it takes to keep his pearl in his hands. Every violent action that appeared to them began to slip away from Kino’s mind and slowly the pearl’s hopes and dreams of the future just kept building up in Kino’s head. Therefore, the pearl becomes Kino’s soul or manhood. Lastly, the pearl represents a tragic and concluding symbolism of destruction and death. Destruction and death appears to Kino, Juana, and Coyotito when everyone finds out about

the pearl. An example of death and destruction is when Kino is attacked in his hut one night. Kino is attacked by someone at night. Kino knows the person is after the pearl. As a result, Kino kills the man. Attackers began to break out and the destruction of his hut, canoe, and especially freedom came as a result. Kino, Juana, and Coyotito had no escape route. Another example of the death symbolism, came with a tragic conclusion. The death of Coyotito is what is brought. They leave the town and hide until dark. People are out to kill them for the pearl, so they are very cautious. Later on that night, they see trackers. Before sunrise, Kino spies on them before he attacks them. He courageously forces his way to the trackers and kills them. He hears a gunshot and Juana screaming,

Coyotito is dead by a gunshot through the head. One of the trackers thought it was a Coyote. This tragic event leads to the destruction of the pearl. In conclusion, the pearl is a symbol for hope, healing, jealously, Kino’s manhood, and destruction and death. Kino’s life as well as the life of his family changes by one magnificent pearl in the novel “The Pearl” by John Steinbach. Kino, when he initially finds the pearl, thinks that life of him and his family will change for the better, because he and his family have never been in contact with anything so beautiful. They never had anything so valuable. He soon realizes what he had before he found the pearl. All he really needs is what he already has, and that is his family.