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attitude survey is administered and each subject completes the survey independently. The subjects were instructed to circle their choice one answer for each row of the 4 rows. In the Likert scale, statements are written expressing an opinion or feelings about an event, object, or a person, Salkind (2000). In this attitudes survey, the items have clear positive and negative values. The statements are listed, and to the right of each statement is a space for the respondent to indicate degree of agreement or disagreement, using a four-point scale and from 1 to 7. Respondents are asked to circle or check their level of agreement and feelings with each item, about Bilingual Education. The Likert scale is, scored by assigning a weight to each point along the scale. Items that are

unfavorable are negatives and are reversed in their scoring so that 1 represents the positive rating and the highest, being assigned an score rating of (7) points. The lowest is the negative 7,being assigned an score rating of (1) point. All the scores are summated (negatives and positives) then, subtracted minus the negative rating, divided between the 4(point scale),and multiplied by 10. Individual score is the average across all items. Response choices have values attached to them varying from 1 to 7. In this study an independent t-test method of analysis is used to test the significance of the null hypotheses: (P