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but as he well knows, her looks are striking. However, sometimes her looks can be advantageous. Therefore from my face she turns my foes. Although her looks have enraptured his mind, they have oftentimes done the same to his opponents. He believes that this should have taken much pressure off him and placed it on the Dark Lady, allowing his enemies to dart their injuries, elsewhere. Sadly though, he explains that they do not so. The last couplet is the heroic couplet. Shakespeare does this to add definition to the last two words of both. Slain and pain both summarize the agonizing feeling that the poet feels at the present moment. The couplet in itself is a sum-up of what Shakespeare had been trying to express the whole time. However this time, he puts his words into hard

concrete statements that can be interpreted in only one way. He had been hinting at it for some time, but now he plainly asserts that I am near slain/ Kill me outright with looks, and rid my pain. He has reached his verdict: Either let the Dark Lady do away with him slowly and softly with secrecy and lies, or be blunt and kill him where he stands. He prefers the latter. With all of the emotional brutality that Shakespeare has gone through, it is obvious that the poet can take no more. In using accents on the right words, the poet gives the poem passion, allowing the reader to see the poet s deepest anguish. Shakespeare lays his heart on the table, in hopes that maybe, the Dark Lady will come to and decide to break the barrier of silence and confess her love for someone else.

However, until that happens, Shakespeare is doomed to writhe in his own self-agony, a victim of the silent killer.