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writing style. Style is the individual manner in which a writer expresses his or her ideas (Eschholz, Rosa, and Clark 436). Style is categorized into three main parts: diction, tone, and construction of sentences. Mr. Keillor?s diction is precise and appropriate. He uses a lot of verbs and symbolism. For example, in paragraph two, ?dehorsing the President.? The authors word choices are very effective. Tone is the manner in which a writer relates to an audience, the ?tone of voice? used (Eschholz, Rosa, and Clark 437). The author of this essay, Mr. Keillor, seems to be very cynical. For example, in paragraph seven, he asks why we should continue believing in something that has always failed us. He also seems very angry and frustrated. Mr. Keillor?s sentences are relatively simple.

But, he words them in a way that draws the reader in. He gives a lot of examples of everyday occurrences that would be affected by the Republicans extreme point of view. The Bosze 4 author?s style of writing enables the reader to follow the structure of the essay, as a whole. The structure of an essay can determine whether the reader will be able to understand and follow the points of the material. The structure of an essay consists of three main points: the introduction, body, and the conclusion. In the introduction of this essay the author starts with a very pompous and insulting remark (paragraph one). However, it is my opinion that this is very effective because it reins the reader in. The body of the essay contains the thesis statement, ?And also that it would underline the

sanctity of the oaths? (paragraph two, last sentence). The topic sentences for each of the paragraphs are well supported. The author gives many examples, throughout the body of the essay, of situations and the consequences that would follow if the Republicans? point of view were taken to its fullest extent. The author concludes the essay by summing up his viewpoints. He states that it is in essence our own fault what is happening in Congress, because we as Americans have the right to vote in and out of office those we may agree or disagree with. ?The Republicans Were Right, But ?,? in my opinion, is a very straightforward and controversial essay. The great debate over the sanctity of the oath and impeachment will be long lived. I liked this essay based upon the author?s argument,

the use of symbolism, and the author?s structure of the essay. Bosze 5 ? ? Eschholz, Paul, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark. Language Awareness: Essays for College Writers. New York: St. Martin?s Press, 1997. ?Garrison Keillor.? Minnesota Public Radio. January 1999. 16 April 1999 ( ?Keillor, Garrison.? Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. MicrosoftCorporation © 1993-1997. Keillor, Garrison. ?The Republicans Were Right, But -.? Time 22 February 1999: 102.