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Analysis Of Hotel Case Study Essay, Research Paper Analysis of Hotel-Online Internet News Service I. Introduction The need to balance a company’s strategy and structure with changes in the external environment is obvious in any industry. However, in fast changing industries such as the Hospitality Industry, this need is even more important. Hospitality operators have to keep track of changes in the mentality of customers, changes in the attitude of government agencies and legislators towards the industry, changes in economic and technological issues, and strategic changes of competitors and other firms connected to the industry. This responsibility has been previously discussed by West: “The strategic manager [must] scan sectors of the environment which are appropriate to

the intended strategies of the firm, identify trends and changes within each sector, ascertain which require immediate response, interpret the potential effects of environmental occurrences on firm performance, and initiate appropriate firm response.” Unfortunately, the fast-paced nature of this industry prevents most operators from spending adequate amounts of time monitoring the external environment; day to day operations always take precedent. For this reason, Internet news services such as Hotel Online may be the perfect tool for environmental scanning efforts in the hospitality industry. Hotel Online is a convenient service providing daily information on hospitality related news and events. It counts with nearly 3000 registered users from different hospitality related

companies and institutions, although the total number of users is certainly larger (see Table 1). Registration to the service’s mailing list is optional, and the web page can be accessed freely by any person with a web browser Table 1: Hotel Online Subscription Statistics (based on a random sample of 500 users) Type of Subscriber Count % of Sample Hospitality Companies 189 37.80% Domestic Use 4 00.80% Related Companies 167 33.40% Educational Institutions 139 27.80% Regulatory Agencies, Government 1 00.20 Totals 500 100.00% The content of this paper represents a discussions of trends in the hospitality industry as determined by an analysis of the internet postings in Hotel Online. The project had a double purpose: to obtain environmental information of the hospitality industry

and to determine the usefulness of the internet service provided by Hotel Online. II. Research Methodology The outcome of this project is the result of a content analysis of Hotel Online. The research involved analyzing the daily news postings in the server over a period of 30 days, between November 1 and December 1st, 2000. The analysis consisted of reading the title, first paragraph and the first sentence of other paragraphs of each article posted. Then, each article was qualified and placed in one of the following categories: a. General environment categories: 1. Socio-cultural environment 2. Political environment 3. Economic environment 4. Technological environment a. Specific environment categories: 1. Finance 2. Marketing 3. Research and Development 4. Operations 5.

Administration 6. Human Resources This classification scheme was taken form the work of Chon and Olsen (1987). As it is further described in Appendix I, these categories were divided into sub categories to increase the specificity of the research. In addition, each article was assigned a specific weight according to its length, in order to make a more accurate assessment of each article’s importance. However, it is difficult to find an appropriate measure of article space in a web page. Most articles in Hotel Online have very similar lengths and number of paragraphs. The most convenient measure found by the author was the number of “Page Downs” that it took to reach the end of the article (using a 14″ monitor with a display of 600 by 800 pixels). The weights were assigned