Analysis Of Gene And Finnys Relationship Essay

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Analysis Of Gene And Finnys Relationship Essay, Research Paper Analysis of Gene and Finnys RelationshipRelationships between friends go though many different stages. In A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, two friends go through various levels of friendship. There are inner conflicts, strengths, weaknesses, and irrevocable differences; within the relationship between the main characters. The relationship between Gene and Finny goes through many levels and stages. First, during the relationship between the main characters Gene has inner conflicts. One example is Gene feels Finny is trying to make him do poorly in school. This is an inner conflict within Gene. He felt his best friend was trying to make him do badly in school. “Finny had deliberately set out to wreck my

studies”(45). This is very untrue. Finny did not want his best friend to do poorly in school. It was the opposite. Gene felt that this was true. He felt this way until one day when Finny said that he thought Gene did not have to work at his studies to get good grades in school. After that Gene realized Finny was on his side. Although Finny told Gene that he was his best friend, Gene believed he was competing with him. Gene had a some type of an inner conflict to believe his best friend was trying to cause him poor grades in school. Second, Gene and Finny have differences in their character. Gene does not express his feelings. He does not like to express his emotions to people. Finny is the opposite he will express his feeling with anyone. Finny is able to tell him what good

friends they are, but Gene cannot bring himself to acknowledge this confession. Gene likes to keep his relationships at a distance. Finny is able to express his feelings because he is sure of himself. He does not fear to make a mistake. He trusts people with the same trust he expects to be trusted. That is why he feels ashamed of himself when he thinks Gene jounced the limb purposely. Finny does not believe anyone would want to hurt him purposely. Gene and Finny have opposite personalities. Lastly, Gene and Finny have weaknesses in their relationship. One example of a weakness is the fact the Gene holds back what he is feeling. Since Gene holds back his feelings Finny does not know what is happening with him. Finny does not know how he feels. That causes their relationship to be

more on the surface. Even when Finny tries to open up to Gene, Gene does not want to know about his feelings. Gene s lack of expressing his feelings causes their relationship to have a major flaw. This causes their relationship not to make it to the next level. Gene and Finny s relationship goes through different levels and stages. There are different inner conflicts. There are weaknesses in Gene and Finny s relationship. Also there are irrevocable differences in the characters of the two friends. Many relationships are not capable of advancing because of a person s actions and behavior. by