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feeling you get when you see that giant buck approaching and Faulkner really captured it nicely. I also enjoyed the story because I could actually follow one of Faulkner’s twisted works. A story of a father, who isn’t really the father of his son, who is really just an orphan, who desperately wants to become a man so he can go hunting like everyone else in the family and really just wants to get his first real kill. Unfortunately, we know the father is going to die soon. So, I felt that this piece was aimed to ask the reader if the ideal will live on. I think it will, because the last line illustrates to the reader that the son will eventually get to take his son out and eventually will be able to pass on the same knowledge and teach his son in the same way he was taught. Now

that the plot summaries are over, I thought I would focus on an aspect of Faulkner’s work that really seemed to encompass all of the pieces. This aspect, that I find very fascinating, is that all of Faulkner’s’ characters seem to have low education. Further, their education is communicated in their colloquial speech. However, this doesn’t deter Faulkner from writing very complex stories that reflect his literary prowess. Most of his characters can hardly speak correct English, and yet, his pieces are filled with words that even I have trouble discerning meaning from. In particular, Rider’s character is very blue collar. Faulkner communicates this to us in many ways, but has no trouble throwing in phrases like “the junctureless backloop of times trepan”. This occurs

throughout all of these stories. It is like the characters are very natural, they know the environment, the have the skills to hunt, they work hard, and they love each other. But these ideas are contrasted by his writing style and complexity and really blend nicely to create very good pieces of literature. It was just one thing that caught my eye in reading these pieces and I am very envious of this skill he possesses.