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pillage, he was made to feel violently ill. We, in our society, have something just like this. We have pills people take if they are an alcoholic. If they drink while on this pill, then they are made to feel violently ill. The association between the alcohol and the deathly ill feeling becomes as great as Santa Clause with Christmas. What they did to Alex could be seen as cruel and unusual punishment. I easily understood why it shouldn t be done to somebody, but we actually do it in real life, it s not a movie, it actually happens!! The medicalization of deviance was blatant. In the movie, newspaper headlines, which were very unfavorable toward the treatment, flashed on the screen According to the control theory, deviance results when an individual has weak social bonds to

conventional institutions. This was shown in the movie when Alex got out of going to school. His parents were fine with the fact that he had a virus, but just happened to out on the town until the early morning. For the most part, this movie probably isn t reality for many Middle Eastern or Asian countries. Crime isn t as rampant in, say, Singapore, as it is in America. To me, the depiction of this kid is something I can relate to. Maybe not all the deeds he did, but definitely the fact that just because he had money, and the people around him had money didn t stop him from committing any crimes. He felt no remorse, which seems to be the trend in our society. When a 10 year old boy (Robert yummi Sandifer, from Atlanta) in a gang is executed by his gang friends because he was

bringing heat from the cops on the gang because that boy shot a 12 year old girl, it s a sad commentary on society. When there is a lack of social stability in a community, it reflects onto the children who seem to have nothing else to do, or no other way of getting the attention they need. A Clockwork Orange is a perfect example of a society where it doesn t matter if your black or white, yellow or purple. If you are human, you could fall into the trap. To me, the trap is where the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, and the people in the middle work hard to keep from being poor while striving to be rich. I think I had heard that the movie was made in the 70s as a description of the 90s. If this is true, then the creating minds of the film are telepathic, or extremely

intelligent. To predict how our society would be in twenty years is either sad because they were right, or great because we should just ask them how our deviant subculture will be acting in the NEXT twenty years.