Analysis Of Chasing Amy Essay Research Paper

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Analysis Of Chasing Amy Essay, Research Paper Chasing Amy is a movie that uncovers the hardships we find within the confusion of love and sex in our lives. Sometimes the line between love and sex seems almost invisible, but the differences and complications of understanding that are quite clear in this movie. The issues presented in Chasing Amy are directly related to the discussions of “Politics of Sexuality” as well as everyday life in our culture. Our culture, in contrast to Ancient Greece, uses sexuality to characterize people by their sexual behaviors. Other cultures view sex as a raw pleasure activity while our society has elevated it to the expression of a person’s identity and moral code. Chasing Amy contributes to this view of society as the whole movie centers

around sexual beings and the influence of sex on their lives. Chasing Amy is an account of people’s fears about sex and relationships as well as the inhibitions and insecurities that are attached to them. Therefore, the best way to understand the movie’’ message is to analyze the sexual identity of the characters in it. The characters are used to portray the stereotypically viewed male and female as well as the exceptions. Some characters show a combination of both views, while others are the epitome of a sexually comfortable, confident person. The combination of different experiences, views, and beliefs in the characters allows for many confrontational debates on what sex should mean in today’s society and in our lives. The first character we meet represents a

stereotypical male of today’s society, Banky. He is portrayed as an ignorant homophobe who is quick to make a joke of sexual comment. Banky takes part in all the typical male fetish behaviors such as enjoying a collection of “stroke” magazines, fantasizing about Catholic School girls, watching lesbians together, and making derogatory statements about others’ sexual orientation. Banky comments to Alyssa that, “Everyone needs *censored*.” This statement could have the typical misogynist meaning of male dominance and female submission to them in every way. It also could be a subconscious truth that Banky “needs *censored*” because he is homosexual and uses this behavior as a front in order to over it up. This position, that he is in love with Holden, is supported

throughout the movie but Banky is too uncomfortable with his sexuality to admit the truth. Banky’s behavior masking his homosexuality is proof of what we repeated many times in class that we question and criticize others because it cause us to question our own reality. He was homophobic because he was uncomfortable with not fitting society’s heterosexual category. Holden is Banky’s best friend but does not have the same outlook as he. Holden seems to be an open-mind individual yet he views Alyssa as a slut when he becomes aware of her past exotic, sexual experiences, such as multiple partners. This is the typical treatment of women who are sexually experienced with men who are too immature to deal with it. Holden cannot continue their relationship as he judges Alyssa who is

more experienced than he. He labels her as a slut to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy. Holden pays too close attention and gives too much significance to sex in his relationship with Alyssa. He allows his masculine pride and insecurity about his sexuality to ruin his relationship with Alyssa, which was full of love and potential. Silent Bob gives us a view of Holden in the future, wiser because of his experience with Alyssa. The first view we are given is cold, quiet disposition that makes him appear as a hard man. Yet we eventually see a more feminine side to him as his friend comments that Bob is a “softy” because he cries while listening to the Barbara Streisand song, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” Silent Bob, which had the same predicament as Holden, grew