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and the massive tires rumbling through the grass. However, if the reader has no preconception of what a monster truck is or how large it is, this picture may be nothing more impressive than a Micro Machine. Nextly, two additional pictures are taken from the computer game itself. Both, in an attempt to impress the viewer, are taken at an inspiring frame deserving of a highlight reel. The viewer can see the rich color and high resolution details of each individual screenshot. The purple monster truck in mid-air flying off a ramp is strategically positioned in the exact middle of the photo, bringing all attention to the truck. The picture on the lower left shows the interior of the vehicle, the speedometer and tachometer; everything a real-life monster truck would have. Lastly, the

last corner of the rectangle holds the picture of the box of the software. This is most likely intended to allow the reader to recognize the box when they head over to the store. The quote in the picture: “Down and Dirty Racing”, goes to emphasize the fact that the game is not intended for the faint hearted conservative but rather for the hardcore gamer. Conversely, the pictures in the `Project’ ad are very realistic to one’s life compared to the `virtual’ world of the `Monster Truck’ game. The central picture is, of course, the businessman who is denoted by the blue collared shirt, tie and neat appearance. The man has a Windows 95 `Start’ button on his head possibly symbolizing that all ideas start within the mind. From here, small blurbs of photos are linked

together. One is a flowchart of coworkers connected on a board, signifying the need for companies to work and communicate together in order to be successful. The second is a building made up for wooden blocks allowing, as the title states, teams to visualize where the project is going. Next is photo is a small boy whispering into the ear of a girl. While this can signfy communication among everyone, instead I believe it to be the man’s children to show that he is a successful business and family man. Lastly, the final link goes to a picture of the box `Microsoft Project’. This relates the software to the other items by linking the results that your company will receive when you buy `Microsoft Project’. Also, this box is Microsoft’s way of allowing you to remember what it

looks like at the store. The box is simple, neat and organized signifying the orderly fashion of a company. One clear lacking of this ad are pictures from the actual software itself. It may be safe to assume that the software is just a large array of icons and there is nothing amazing to look at. Once more, as stated at the beginning of the paragraph, a business type is more concerned with `real world’ pictures rather than one of the `virtual’ gaming world. Two very different advertisements from two very different magazines selling two very different products, yet all from the same company. While the reader may not be aware of it, each ad differs from one magazine to another. This is due to the typical stereotype of the persons who usually buy a certain product. Am I saying

that all people are stereotyped? Yes, of course. If this were not the case, then ads would not be specifically designed to attract each unique group of people and everything would be colorlessly drab. Ads are meant to be directed to a particular prototype of the buyer, economy relies on this constant method to thrive. 36d