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favor would have to be a man of independence, prominence, and a man who would be the least suspected regarding such a shameful and repugnant matter. That man would be Henry Prest. A man well known for his wealth and distinction. Henry was handsome, single, and could have any woman he chose. Most importantly, he would not be questioned in regards to having an affair with a married woman. In Lizzie’s era, women often married successful, prominent men, men with a sense of class, honor, and prestige. An affair was viewed by society as something that men did. Women, on the other hand, were expected to appear genteel and accept whatever negative circumstances beset their marriage and carry on. It was unheard of for a woman to dishonor herself in such a manner. The risk of an affair

for lizzie was enormous. Not only did she chance the mark of an adulteress, but she is also married to a “Hazeldean;” A name synonymous with respect and class. Charles, having previously made a name for himself practicing law, was well accepted in the high societal circles. Rumors suggesting his wife of having an affair would bring shame upon the family’s good name. Lizzie, in contrast, was a “Winter.” A family name of insignificant means and scandal involving Lizzie’s father the bishop and money stolen from the church. Lizzie surely did not wish to dishonor herself and Charles and lose the affluence and prestige that accompanied the Hazeldean name, nor does she care to shame Henry. But what else could she do? Allow her husband who has been her savior to suffer in his

final days with the knowledge that because of his damaged heart, he could no longer care for his wife? That his beloved wife would find herself hungry and penniless, for she has no other means or skills to speak of, in order to provide for herself? No. Therefore, Lizzie without afterthought came to a conclusion and a resolution was made. Charles Hazeldean went to his final resting-place peacefully with the knowledge that he had honored his duty to his wife. Henry Prest sustained his reputation as a distinguished, eligible bachelor, and Lizzie maintained her status with high society and as a widow of a Hazeldean, and with her love, honor, commitment, and a touch of womanly wisdom did all that she could to uphold her husband’s honor.