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Analysis Essay, Research Paper Analysis of DELL Inspiron Advertisement Today?s world is an ever-changing whirlwind of technology and job markets with new and improved requirements. The technological advances made by computer companies are extremely complimentary to this ever changing landscape we call our lives. One of these companies is DELL INC. DELL has promoted it?s products to be those that may be ordered according to the requirements that we give directly to the company. A computer by your own design is one way to look at what DELL has tried to accomplish. DELL offers four screen upgrades for the Inspiron 5000e. If you choose the new Ultra XGA you will have the sharpest graphics, crisper images and fonts, and larger viewing area without scrolling. A 600MHz to 700MHz

processor is also included. This upgrade maybe more expensive than the other three but the ad says, ?You?ll like what you see!? Within this particular advertising scheme for DELL computers, they are trying to portray the average businessman of today. How a simple man who is a devoted father and husband is also an extremely hard working businessman of the 21st Century. Look closely at the picture, the entire picture, the background, and the foreground, pay special attention to each detail. The DELL Inspiron 5000e is the main focus of the advertising scheme and you can tell from the picture on the screen that these are his children and their friends. It looks as though they are getting ready to trick-or-treat. The businessman has just arrived at his hotel room and has hooked up his

laptop to download sales figures or whatever commodity his company sells. He has hooked it up and now you can see that he is on the phone probably with his wife and children. He has had to leave them and be away, probably for an extended trip as we are able to tell from the amount of luggage sitting around the room. He is in a nice hotel room assumedly with a nice view and yet he is more concerned with what is going on at home. His computer allows him to get his work downloaded or transmitted while he is able to take care of his personal business. This high performance and mobility computer is easy to pack up and travel with. This ad could have a very strong effect on people if they allow themselves to get past the stereotype, ?its just a computer ad,? and look a bit deeper to

find that this ad gives a persona towards business men. Most business men of today would love to be able to work in an environment such as this; however, most people know that this is somewhat a far fetched idea. DELL has targeted young businessmen with families, and has attempted to give off the feeling that young businessmen who use DELL computers will be able to spend more time with their families and less time in front of their screens. Thus, not missing out of life?s treasured moments. As a result, when they grow old and gray, they cannot say ?I wish I had done things differently by spending more time at home.? With the new Inspiron 5000e you can take your treasured moments with you. This persona of young businessmen is one that has been coming about for a number of years,

and only now are these men beginning to realize that they are missing out on the best parts that life has to offer, their families. In conclusion, DELL gives the impression of being able to have the best of both worlds even though most people of today would strongly disagree with these implications. DELL offers many features to fit our notebook that fits our lifestyle. On the Inspiron 4000, you can even change your notebook?s colors as often as you wish. A one-year and three-year limited warranty is also offered to assure the quality of the computer. This advertisement ad has proved that there?s no higher notebook resolution available than Ultra XGA screen technology. The ad says that the graphics are great for viewing spreadsheets or Web pages that usually require a lot of