Analysis And Comparison Of Gita Govinda And

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Analysis And Comparison Of Gita Govinda And Song O Essay, Research Paper Analysis and Comparison of Gita Govinda and Song of SolomonGita Govinda is a religious love poem in the Indian religion. The poem consists ofmainly two characters, Krishna and Radha, who are estranged lovers. Towards the end ofthe poem, however, they are reunited, giving accounts of how they feel about each otheralong the way. The Song of Solomon from the Bible is a religious poem in the Catholic religion.There aren’t any names given in the poem, but it seems very clear that there are twopeople involved. This poem gives insight into the courtship and marriage customs of thetime when this was written. This poem also gives the reader a feeling of the sacrednessand depth of marriage. The similarities

between these two poems are many. They both deal with twopeople in love. Both poems are expressing the feelings of the characters involved. In eachone, the characters are comparing the features of their loved ones to the beautiful things ineach of their societies. These poems are also structured in similar fashions. Each paragraph is about threeto four sentences long. As a new chapter begins, the speaker changes, always saying howthey feel about the other person. These poems also have differing qualities about them. The Song of Solomon goes through the motions of love, and ends with the two lovers being married. In GitaGovinda, the story is basically about the two lovers reuniting, with no reference to thembecoming married. There is also a structure difference between these two.

Gita Govindahas a lot of repetition in it. In every chapter, there is at least one, if not two, lines that arerepeated in every paragraph for about half of the chapter. The Song of Solomon has nosuch format. There is no repetition of lines here. There is, however, a title to each one ofthe chapters and subchapters, which I found to make it a lot easier to follow than the GitaGovinda. I personally found the Song of Solomon a lot easier to follow. This is probablydue to the fact that I am Christian and have read parts of the Bible in the earlier parts ofmy life. This is not to say that the Gita Govinda was not good. I did find it interesting,but it was too hard for me to follow it. This is because I am not familiar with the Indianculture or religion. The references that the Gita

Govinda made to other names lost me afew times. With all things said, both of these religious poems are similar in many ways,which shows the commonality between the two religions and cultures.