Analization Of The Song Super Freak Essay

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Analization Of The Song Super Freak Essay, Research Paper Super Freak or Slut, You Decide. In the song ?Super Freak? written and sung by Rick James, he speaks of an encounter with a woman with whom he had sex. Since this song was written during the sexual revolution and James has confessed to sexual encounters with ?thousands? of women, I believe it was about one particular woman with whom he had a lot of wild and kinky sex. In the first verse, James explains that the ?kinky girl? is eager to sexually please him. She gives him great sexual pleasure but she is not one to be considered suitable for a long term relationship. The sentence, ?the kind you don?t take home to mother,? says she is not one to settle down with and would not be suitable for your mother to meet, but one

who is used for a ?good time.? Today, as well as when the song was written, she would be considered a slut. In the stanza, ?She will never let your spirits down, once you get her off the street,? might suggest that she is a prostitute. It could also mean that once they are alone, she is willing and able to do whatever he wants. The second verse implies that she likes to have sex with musicians, but she likes James the best. In the stanza, ?when I make my move to her room it?s the right time, she?s never hard to please,?says that she is willing to have sex wherever, whenever, and with whomever she wants. This, again, implies that she might be a slut. She is not particular about the type of sex she engages in, nor is she interested in her own sexual pleasure. Just having sex is

pleasure enough for her. It is safe to assume she is a ?groupie.? Even though the dictionary does not specifically state that a groupie is someone who has sex with musicians, the media has led us, to believe this. The American Heritage Dictionary states that a groupie is, ?A fan, especially a young woman, who follows a rock group around on tours.? The third and final verse says that after many encounters with James she becomes more sexually open to whatever and is ?pretty wild now.? This has earned her the title ?Super Freak.? He states that she is ?the kind of girl you read about in new-wave magazine.? In the late 1970?s, new wave was a fashion as well as a type of music. It was a wild, eccentric time where people, women especially, dressed very sexual with leather and wild hair

and sex was abundant. In this verse, James states over and over again that she?s a ?super freak.? When he says, She?s all right, she?s all right, that girl is all right with me,? says he loves that she is super freak and he has no problem with it. Possibly he made her into a super freak. This song has an up beat and fast tempo. When I hear it on the radio, it makes me want to get up and dance. I never paid much attention to the words until I wrote about it. It is a kinky and kind of wild song. I believe, to some extent, we all can relate to it, whether we have the desire to be ?freaky? in the bedroom or we have unleased our wild and kinky ways. What do we define as ?kinky?? Is it kinky to have sex in public or is it kinky to have sex in the kitchen? Who is to say that what I like

to do sexually would be kinky according to someone else?s standards. What defines a slut? Does it necessarily mean if one is kinky and like to have sex with many people that one is a slut? Why does the term ?slut? refer to women? The American Heritage Dictionary defines a slut as being ?a woman considered sexually promiscuous.? What is a man called when he has sex with many people? I don?t know of a term other than cool. Men can be considered a ?slut? but not in a derogatory manner. I do not find this song to be about a girl who is a slut, but my mother would. My opinion is that this song is about an uninhibited girl who thoroughly enjoys sex. Whether she is kinky or she likes to have sex many people that is a decision only she can make. I love sex wherever and whenever as long