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their information technologies. The realization signed with Microsoft of this agreement will allow YUKOS to reduce its operational charges and lower its expenses for support systems by more than 15 %. Within the framework of policy on active development of export directions, essentially new to the Russian petroleum, YUKOS in the middle of October, 2000 has announced about signing an agreement with Croatian oil-exporting company JANAF (Jadranski Naftovod). The agreement provides modernization of an oil pipeline "Adriya" in Croatia within the framework of its integration with an oil pipeline "Friendship". This project will allow the Company to transport petroleum on the coast of the Adriatic sea without a intermediate point of changing transport, which sharply

increases cost of export. The petroleum Company YUKOS and firm TECHNIP, one of the conducting companies of the world specializing on granting engineering and project-building services in area of oil and gasextracting, YUKOS have signed agreement on cooperation on arrangement of petroleum and gas deposits and development pipelined systems in January, 2001. According to the signed document, TECHNIP together with our Company will develop the separate projects, to give project-building services and to carry out deliveries of the equipment in the field of production, processing and transportation of chemicals (carbon + hydrogen). The first works within the framework of the agreement will concern ground structures and pipelined systems in the Tomsk area, where YUKOS is aimingto

considerably to increase production, to increase efficiency of the equipment and to finish it up to a level of the world standards. "We are going to use the newest of TECHNIP in the sphere of repairing and adjustmenting pipelined systems for improvement of an ecological situation in our regions " - the Chairman of Government of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovskiy has emphasized. The petroleum company YUKOS and company UOP Services Limited, is the largest engineering company specializing on licensing of oil refining and petrochemical technologies, granting engineering services and delivery of catalysts for oil processing, on April 11, 2001 signed agreement on technical consultation in the field of introduction of modern technologies of processing of petroleum and perfection of

the industrial circuits, included in structure of YUKOS. The company UOP Services Limited will make 1,5 mln dollars for this work The cooperation with UOP Services Limited in realization of tests both researches of samples of raw material and products will promote increase of the operational characteristics used by YUKOS of the process equipment, increase the output of light petroleum, hign-oktanum petroleum and products of petrochemical processes. Besides UOP Services Limited will develop the program of training of the personnel of an oil refining complex of the Company and improvement of professional skill of the experts of the plants. The petroleum company YUKOS and Williams International signed an agreement on June 15, 2001 on cooperation, according to which up to the middle

of September it is planned to finish all operations on the purchase of YUKOS` shares of oil refining concern Mazeikiu Nafta as a new issue. As a result of this agreement Williams International and YUKOS become the partners. The YUKOS company will posess 26,85 % of the shares of Mazeikiu Nafta. Besides within the framework of this agreement of the party will sign the contract about annual deliveries by our Company about 5 mln. tons of petroleum on Madgeskyayskiy oil-refining plant. YUKOS also will give the credit for 75 mln. US dollars to Mazeikiu Nafta. Results Thus, the oil-extracting company YUKOS - one of the conducting companies in this branch - is a good example of structure of a Hierarchy-organosation type, it is the company aspiring to increase the income, by improvement

of quality of its goods and reduction of its price, thus keeping its image. The number of the contracts with other companies, as oil-extracting, and engineering ones, shows the long term of the company. YUKOS - company, which despite of all last events continues to participate actively in life of a society and looking for new buyers. How was the report compiled 1.      http://yukos.com 2.      http://yukos.ru 3.      http://hodorkovsky.ru 4.      http://images.google.co.uk Index Brief story of YUKOS 2 Soviet Oil Industry Restructured 2 First Fully Privatized Russian Oil Company 3 Results of the 2003 year 3 The director. 3 Type of management of the company 4 Arrangement of the