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in territory of regions of traditional presence and creation of a retail network in new territories, introduction of the uniform automated control system on a net of petrol stations, creation of complexes fuel stations On what YUKOS is based According to long-term strategy YUKOS`s basic growth of manufacture was came on light petroleum. In the structure of selling petroleum YUKOS`s the basic accent is made on a home market, this is explained by a favorable conjuncture in the Russian Federation. At the same time on export it is necessary about 30 % on all sales of petroleum. The essential growth of manufacture has allowed an increase in volume of petroleum in the Russian market by 22 % - up to 16,9 mln tons. Share (%) of YUKOS in deliveries on a home market: 1999 yr. 2000 yr.

Petroleums 15,8 18 Diesel fuel 14,7 19,2 The projects, contracts and plans of the company YUKOS has concluded many contracts. Among partners of the company are such giants of economy as Microsoft and SINOPEC. The company searches for the new partners for increase of a zone of influence, that inevitably entails increase of the profit. The partnership specifies Long-term business, possibly the company will lose small quantity of money now, but in eventuallity will return more than its expenses. YUKOS continues looking abroad for opportunities for development of the market. The example it is served with recent signing of the important contracts between YUKOS and Chinese petrochemical corporation (SINOPEC) and Chinese national petroleum corporation (CNPC) - conducting Chinese oil

refining enterprises and importers. Within the framework of these agreements YUKOS within 2001 did put up to 2 mln. tons of crude oil to CNPC and SINOPEC. Last year the Company achieved appreciable successes in expansion of sales of petroleum on a home market, by opening new factories in regions of East Siberia, the Far East and Northern Caucasus. Therefore in the first quarter of 2001 the marketing policy was directed on fastening of positions in the new markets and increase of a share of sales through its own retail network. Standard items on a home market has increased by 10%. Having sufficient volumes of petroleum for performance of the obligations and maintenance of the consumers inside Russia, YUKOS in its 1st quarter of the year actively increased export of petroleum. For

3 months it has grown by 56 % (in comparison with the similar period of 2000). The actual planned rate of growth was 18%. The preparation of the first long-term contracts on export of petroleum began at this time. The priority project in the field of export of petroleum for YUKOS is the project of export in China. The civil-engineering design of an oil pipeline from Russia to China has received political support from governments of both countries, that gives additional guarantees to the participants of its realization. The Chinese side has expressed desire independently to finance construction of the Chinese site of the pipeline. Finishing of construction on the oil pipeline is expected in 2005. In the same year its operation will begin: at the first stage (2005-2010 yrs.) the

agreement provides annual deliveries in China in volume 20 mln. tons, at the second stage (2010-2030 yrs.) - 30 mln. tons of petroleum. The petroleum company YUKOS and computer corporation Microsoft have signed the general agreement on cooperation till 2003. Under the agreement, YUKOS will use as the corporate standard the most progressive decisions from Microsoft in server area of technology, operational systems and appendices, and also corporate mail. In turn, Microsoft will carry out in the relation to YUKOS preferential license policy, to provide with the necessary information on new products and technologies of computer corporation, and also carry out training the experts of the petroleum company. According to the agreement between YUKOS and Microsoft, in all enterprises and

divisions of the petroleum company the uniform standard of information system will be entered. As a platform of uniform information system YUKOS is a Microsoft Windows 2000 operational system and service of the catalogues Active Directory will be used. The project provides installing Windows 2000 on all Moscow offices of YUKOS, including more than 1000 computers and 40 servers. At the Moscow offices of YUKOS all works were executed in 2000. In 2001 was planned to realize the similar projects in regions. Now, the corporate network YUKOS is one of most powerful and large in Russia. It includes more than 5 thousand users and 110 networkmaking servers. Within the coming three years YUKOS is going to invest about 10 mln dollars in conclusion with the Microsoft corporation to introduce