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year ·         105 000 highly professional employees ·         80,8 millions of tons of the extracted petroleum in 2003 ·         38,1 millions of tons of the advanced petroleum in 2003 ·         5,65 billions a cube m of the extracted gas in 2003 ·         16,0 billions barrels of the proved stocks of petroleum and gas, ·         $ 300 millions of the dividends on results of 2000, $ 500 millions of the dividends on results of 2001, $ 700 millions of the dividends on results of 2002 and about $ 2 billions for the first 9 months of 2003

The director. The founder and director of the company since 1993 was Mikhail Khodorkovskiy. October 25, during a trip of regions, Khodorkovskiy was arrested in Novosibirsk under the petition of the main court of Russia. It is considered, that one of the contracts made in 1993 was illegal. The trial proceeds. Type of management of the company The hierarchy is a organisation type of management of the company, when the headperson is one man (director, chief), he is in control of some managers, and hundreds of people working for them. Very often the hierarchy type is a autocratic control system and is used in the majority of the companies of such size. YUKOS - typical example of hierarchy. The leader of the company till recent time was Mikhail Khodorkovskiy. Now that M. Khodorkovskiy

is on trial the American Steven Theede has taken over his position. The system of hierarchy allows the management to quickly and precisely give back the orders to the employees of the firm. It also helps to keep the company in order and minimises mistakes. Arrangement of the company in economy The YUKOS company occupies primary and teasury parts of the economy. It means, that the company itself extracts and processes minerals. For this purpose YUKOS expands sits phere of products to influence the customers and buys the new companies. For creation of good image of the company, YUKOS tries to make its petrol station more convenient and comfortable, and the prices for petrol – make less. Teasury part of YUKOS – means that the organization sells petrol to the consumers on Yukos

petrol stations or exports to other countries. Accordingly YUKOS owns small local auto and railway companies to transport petroleum from region to region, from the country to the country. The management of the company YUKOS is a private sector company. The team of high quality managers operates YUKOS. They have a wide experience of work in the petroleum industry, bank sector and government. They combine modern business thinking and innovation in their approaches with professionalism and purposefulness. Their knowledge and skills multiplied by financial and technical resources of YUKOS is a pledge of the further successes of the company. The management of the company are on independent Board of directors, which structure includes the known representatives of the international

business, scientists and chiefs of regional administrations, in which territory the enterprises YUKOS work. The managers of the Company (both working, and retirement) make up 6 out of 15 places on the Board of directors. Actual owners of the company is a small number of the shareholders. The greatest number of the shares belong to the former owner M. Khodorkovskiy. 7 percents of the shares belong to Platon Lebedeff, also on the trial with M. Khodorkovskiy. The objectives of YUKOS The complex program of reorganization of the petroleum selling system on a home market creates new objectives for the company , the main ones being: ·         increase of a share on the russian market of the company;

·         strengthening of positions of YUKOS in traditional regions; ·         an expansion of market territories; ·         re-structuring of a retail network; ·       reduction of culture of sales, quality and assortment of sold production in conformity with the worldstandards. ·         making the service of sales, quality and assortment of the sold product the same as world standarts. The program of reorganization of the Company`s marketing activities, which is successfully developing now, it includes the projects on expansion and modernization of an existing net of petrol stations